New Year 2022: Masik Shivaratri Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi, Mantras and Significance on January 1

New Year 2022: Masik Shivaratri Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi, Mantras and Significance on January 1

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Masik Shivaratri 2022: The Shivaratri vrat, devoted to Lord Shiva, is a highly powerful and prosperous day. Hindu devotees believe Shivaratri to be one such festival that cleanses the spirit, mind, and body. According to the Hindu calendar, it occurs every month on the Thrayodashi tithi of Krishna Paksha, just prior to the new moon. There are normally twelve or thirteen Shivaratris in a year, and each one is known as Masik Shivaratri. The first Masik Shivaratri of the year 2022 will take place on the auspicious occasion of New Year’s Day, January 1.

According to legend, Lord Shiva appeared in the avatar of Shivling at midnight on the day of Masik Shivaratri. It is a fortunate day for men and women to fast in respect of the great Lord Shiva for a brighter future, better life, and good health. The chanting of “Om Namah Shivay” is thought to keep you away from worldly sorrows and wants. It is said that doing puja on this day with a pure heart and completing all the procedures would bring in happiness, rapid healing, and success.

Masik Shivaratri 2022: Puja Date and Muhurta 

The first Masik Shivaratri will fall on Saturday, January 1, Paush Masik Shivaratri, The Chaturdashi Tithi starts at 07:20 am, January 1 and will last up to 03:43 am, January 2.

Masik Shivaratri 2022: Muhurta: 11:58 pm January 1 to 12:57 am January 2

Masik Shivaratri 2022: Puja Vidhi and Mantras

Light a candle and set it on your home’s altar. Perform Dhyana (meditation). Repeat ‘OM Namah Shivaya’ as many times as you can. Devotees should start the puja by executing the Abhishek of the Shiva Lingam or Lord Shiva’s statue.

The Abhishek should be prepared in the following order: water, Gangajal, milk, honey, ghee, curd, water. Softly dab the idol with a clean towel. Offer the idol with a new piece of clean cloth. Apply the chandan and serve the Janeu. Light a stick of incense. Following that, present the Bilva leaves, datura, and fruits, etc.

Offer Naivedhya, coconut, fruits, paan, supari, and Dakshina. Shiva Mantras should be chanted. Finish the puja by chanting the Shiva Aarti and bowing with lighted camphor. To obtain the deity’s blessings, perform Pushpanjali (give flowers) and bow before him.

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