New Zealand Man Finds Insects in Domino's Pizza, Picture Goes Viral

New Zealand Man Finds Insects in Domino’s Pizza, Picture Goes Viral


Junk food is a part of a majority of people’s diet today.

Domino’s has denied the allegations saying that the company bakes fresh pizzas.

Junk food is a part of a majority of people’s diet today. These foods can be prepared quickly and also make people feel full for a long time. These dishes, on the other hand, have no nutritional value but people enjoy consuming them because of their taste. Who doesn’t like Italian pizza? But, if bugs are moving around in the pizza, would you eat it?

A man from New Zealand has created a social media sensation by posting a picture of a worm coming out of a Domino’s Pizza. The man claims that maggots were moving around in his pizza. Reginald Thalari is the name of the man who has posted a picture of insects moving around in his pizza.

The man brought home a Domino’s pizza and was surprised to see insects moving in it when he opened the box. The man’s claim has also tarnished Domino’s reputation.

Reginald stated that he had ordered four Domino’s pizzas and was eating them with his coworkers. After a few bites, he noticed something moving on top of the toppings. Everyone became nauseous when they found that bugs were moving on top of the pizza.

Someone posted a picture of it on the internet. Insects can be seen walking on the ham and pepperoni pizza in the photo. The man claims that he never expected to find insects in his Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s, on the other hand, denied this after the photos went viral. According to the company, it bakes fresh pizza every day. It is impossible to get the worm inside in such a situation because while baking the worms will perish.

Domino’s, however, has refunded the man after he filed a complaint.

Domino’s Pizza is a multinational pizza restaurant chain that was founded in 1960.

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