No, Only Coachings Not the Only Way to Crack UPSC. Here's How You Prepare at Home

No, Only Coachings Not the Only Way to Crack UPSC. Here’s How You Prepare at Home


The civil services examination, conducted by the UPSC, is the toughest in the country. It’s a three-level exam, including pre, mains and interview, conducted every year. Many IAS exam aspirants join reputed coaching hoping to clear this exam. However, sometimes just the right strategy and notes may help you clear the paper. Not to forget, many IAS toppers didn’t attend any coaching but made it happen by self-study.

UPSC Exam demands consistency, hard work and dedication and many students have been able to reach this position without any coaching. It is often believed by IAS toppers that identifying mistakes and rectifying them on time is the only way out.

Those who clear UPSC Exam get to serve as IAS, IPS, and IFS as per the ranks in the exam. Now, if you are also preparing for the UPSC exam, these tips can help you clear the exam with self-study.

Read Newspaper:

Reading newspapers is mandatory for preparation for the IAS exam. IAS Himanshu Gupta says that when he used to visit his father’s shop, he started developing an interest in reading the newspaper, adding that he never joined any coaching to clear the UPSC exam, but did it with the help of the newspaper and internet.


Knowledge of exam patterns is the first step in preparation and then reading the NCERT books as per the syllabus is equally crucial. Prepare your hand-written notes from these books and revise them during the final days of the UPSC Exam.

Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself is just as important as the first step to qualify for any exam, and it is equally significant to have the confidence to pass the exam. Start your preparation with a belief that you can clear this exam without any hindrance and make sure you take care of your health as well.

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