Ola Electric Delivers Faulty Scooters to Customers, Receives Slew of Complaints Online

Ola Electric Delivers Faulty Scooters to Customers, Receives Slew of Complaints Online


By launching its maiden electric scooters S1 and S1 Pro on August 15 this year, Ola has been eyeing on the electric vehicle market of India. But it seems like they will have to cross way too many hurdles to take a position in the market. Recently, Ola has been hit by a slew of complaints by its customers who had bought the new e-scooters. One of the customers took to his Twitter handle to share the photo of his Ola S1 Pro e-scooter being towed away. In the caption, he described the issue saying that his scooter was delivered just one day ago but developed issues in the headlight along with some peculiar noises. He had ridden the vehicle for just six kilometres.

“What irks me more is that I’m yet to get my bike back despite promising to bring it back in few hours,” the user further wrote while tagging Ola Electric.

Soon after the tweet did rounds online, Ola Electricreplied to the man assuring him to fix his scooter. But to their disappointment, the user again shared a photo of the brand new e-scooter that was replaced by Ola. This time, he pointed out a broken number plate and oil marks on the vehicle.

The incident triggered reactions from other customers of the e-scooter as well who expressed their disappointment online. Another customer shared a video describing the charging issues with his new Ola S1 Pro scooter. The unpleasant customer reviews prompted one user to even cancel his order for the Ola scooter.

Earlier, Ola had irked customers by failing to deliver the scooters on time. Reportedly, the company had earlier claimed of beginning deliveries by late November but soon pushed it to the second half of December. Ola had blamed the delay on the global shortage of chips and electronics.

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The Ola scooters S1 and S1 Pro come at a price of Rs 79,000 and Rs 1,09,999, respectively,and are part of Ola’s ambitious project to build millions of e-scooters annually in a bid to reverse climate change.

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