Pakistani Man Threatens To Burn Down a Pepsi Truck Over QR Code

Pakistani Man Threatens To Burn Down a Pepsi Truck Over QR Code


A Pakistani man recently considered the QR code on a 7UP bottle, a soft drink brand of Pepsi, as the inscription of Prophet Muhammad’s name and created ruckus on the streets of Karachi. The man had no idea what a QR code is and he threatened to burn the truck carrying the soft drink bottles.

A video of the incident, which happened on December 31, is going viral on social media. Sharing the video podcaster Imran Noshad Khan has narrated the incident on Twitter.

According to Imran, the man was threatening a truck driver, showing him the QR code on a 7UP bottle, that he was going to burn the truck. The angry man was shouting that the bottle has Prophet Muhammad’s name on it and a mob had started gathering around the truck, narrated Imran in a series of tweets.

“ Lack of awareness. I spotted this Ashiq e Rasool he was threatening this poor truck driver on University Road and the Mob was gathering and threatening to burn the truck. The truck belongs to a well-known Beverage brand I tried to explain to him that this is a QR code,” tweeted Imran.

When Imran asked him what was the ruckus about, the man said that the QR code on the soft drink bottle was inscription of Prophet’s name. However, Imran explained him what the QR code actually is and made the driver safely leave the place as a mob was building up.

Ironically, the man also screamed at Imran and called him a Jamat-ud-Dawa man.

“People are thanking me for saving the life of the truck driver from the mob of religious fanatics; I don’t want to take credit for that because no human being has the right to kill another human being. This truck driver has the absolute right to live,” the podcaster mentioned in a tweet.

The man even openly threatened the company saying that if the QR code will not be removed from the bottle in the next two to three days, he will set any vehicle full of soft drink bottles on fire.

Anyone watching this video is finding it difficult to control their laughter. Everyone is shocked that how can someone be so foolish? However, this video indicates towards the incidents of religious fanaticism in Pakistan.

On the other hand, the beverage company, Pepsi, thanked Imran for his intervention which helped the truck driver to escape safely.

“ Today I gotta a message of thanks from the concern Beverage co. One of their representative said we are trying to finish the current stock or change the QRcode,” tweeted Imran.

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