Policeman's Distress Audio Note Reveals Rot in DMK Govt, Says AIADMK Coordinator Paneerselvam

Policeman’s Distress Audio Note Reveals Rot in DMK Govt, Says AIADMK Coordinator Paneerselvam


Opposition leader O Paneerselvam attacked the DMK government for interfering into police functions. (File photo: PTI)

As per the audio clip, certain DMK members in Vellore forced a policeman to refrain from filing a case against them for attacking a local woman involved in lending money.

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  • Last Updated:January 02, 2022, 12:14 IST

AIADMK coordinator O Panneerselvam has drawn attention to an audio clip released by a policeman, who alleged he was tortured to the brink of suicide by “goons” from the ruling DMK for trying to file a case against one of them.  Panneerselvam referred to the incident of Sub Inspector Srinivasan in Veppankuppan in Vellore district who claimed in an audio clip that he would kill himself owing to the torture inflicted upon him by members of the DMK who pressured to not file a case of assault against a woman entrepreneur.

According to the audio clip of Srinivasan, certain DMK members in Vellore forced him to refrain from filing a case after he started garnering evidence backing the party members’ attack on a local woman running a “chit” system.

Chits are basically a lending mechanism where borrowers access credit from pooled capital of other participants, who reap interest from the money rotation. The person who runs the chit holds the responsibility of ensuring returns to the participants.

According to the audio clip, the DMK members assaulted the person who was running the chit. Upon discovering that she was in hospital after the attack, Srinivasan took steps to record her statements, which prompted the party men to start “torturing” Srinivasan.

Panneerselvam, now leading charge against the ruling party, said in a statement that the interference of the ruling party’s members in government’s functioning is evident in the case of Srinivasan and his deterioration to the brink of suicide. “The Sub-inspector’s audio clip sheds light on the disturbance to police force and public peace in the current government…,” he said.

Panneerselvam has been repeatedly taking potshots at the DMK government for a string of crimes against women and girl children in the state, from a schoolgirl in Coimbatore who committed suicide owing to pressure from a teacher to another eleventh grade in the same district whose body was found in the bushes days after she was reported missing.

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