'Relaxing on Wicker Chair': Anand Mahindra Shares Photo of UK Plane's Interior from 1936

‘Relaxing on Wicker Chair’: Anand Mahindra Shares Photo of UK Plane’s Interior from 1936


Anand Mahindra’s Twitter feed has a lot of interesting and informative facts and tidbits for everyone and in similar fashion, Mahindra shared a photo on Twitter of the interior of an airplane from the 1930s. The photo showed the interior of a plane of Imperial Airways which was the first British airline in 1936 and there are wicker chairs lined one after the other in two rows inside for passengers to sit. The interior of the plane also looked very different to what we are used to seeing today. The windows looked large with curtains on them and there were also overhead lights on the roof. But what was more interesting and worthy of query was a board written ‘Ripping Panel’ which seems to be what we now know as ‘Emergency Exits’ on our modern day aircrafts.

These chairs, surprisingly looked nothing like our modern day seats and could have easily been taken from someone’s garden furniture!

Take a look:

Mahindra credited The Historian’s Post for the photo.

A Twitter user shared some more photos of an airline:

A Reddit thread also had previously shared this image to which several users sparked up discussions on the same.

A user said, “This looks like when my cousins and I used to pretend we where pilots in our kitchen. We would set up chairs just the same way and put stuffed toys on the seats as our ‘customers'”.

Another said, “Ah, so planes where always cramped. Good to know. Annoying. But good to know.”

Another person said, “I got to look inside one of these aircraft at a museum recently and I can say that those chairs are tiny as f**k, and my 5’11 200+lbs self would be very uncomfortable flying in one of these.”

Covid-19 restrictions around the world has ended up limiting air travel and there has been a constant cause of concern about the uncertainty of flights. “In these times of anxiety-ridden air travel, a refreshing throwback to when flying was like relaxing on a wicker easy chair,” Mahindra had written.

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