Smashing Stereotypes: 18-year-old UK Girl Plasters Walls With Makeup, False Nails on

Smashing Stereotypes: 18-year-old UK Girl Plasters Walls With Makeup, False Nails on


We are living in a world that is used to gender stereotyping. Despite all the progress that we have made, a large part of the society still roots for the predetermined profession, hobbies or habits for different genders. One of the jobs that largely remains male-dominated is construction work. We have become so accustomed to seeing men building walls, doors and windows that require manual labour that when a woman steps in, they face opposition. A British lady faced a similar objection to her work.

When Hannah Uddin, a resident of Coventry in England, expressed her desire to learn construction work over other traditional work, she raised quite a few eyebrows. Hannah, who is fond of dabbling in makeup, made her way to the university to enrol herself in a construction course, leaving quite a few people stunned. They couldn’t imagine a woman wanting to indulge in this kind of work.

Eighteen-year-old Hannah keeps sharing videos on TikTok where she is seen applying plaster on walls with her makeup and false fingernails on. According to a report in The Sun, Hannah’s father is also in the construction business.

Watching her father since a young age, she wanted to learn construction work by visiting sites when she was just 12 years old. Her family supported her when she wanted to enrol in the construction course in college. She also received support from her teachers but her classmates were sceptical and looked at her with disapproval.

Hannah says that people are baffled by the fact that she is fond of indulging in makeup. According to them, she says, women are supposed to stay simple if they choose to work in male-dominated areas like the construction business. She says she receives mixed responses on her social media.

While some encourage her to keep doing what she is doing, most of the comments are negative. One user even told her that she is roaming around with more plaster on herself than the walls. However, she says she is not perturbed by the negativity and remains indifferent to it.

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