Someone Tweeted How to Make a 'Badshah Song' in 2 Minutes, Impresses Even the Rapper

Someone Tweeted How to Make a ‘Badshah Song’ in 2 Minutes, Impresses Even the Rapper


A tutorial on how to make a ‘Badshah song’ in two minutes has left the internet in splits. Anshuman Sharma, a music producer, posted a video on Twitter which shows in eight steps how to compose a song that sounds like the ones sung by rapper Badshah. The result was so accurate that one of the commenters said that the song sounded ‘more Badshah than Badshah himself.’ In fact, Badshah himself retweeted it and said that Anshuman ‘almost cracked it’. Here is the tweet: “How to make a Badshah song in 2 minutes!”

“I swear he almost cracked it.”

According to the music producer, here are the eight steps: Think about how many parties there are, think of a girl you want to party with and write about her, play some chords, add a catchy beat, add a synth bass, sing like you want entry into a club but are scared of parents, put brass hit and get inspired by DJ Snake songs, and then put it all together.

The video has garnered 10,000 likes and is being shared widely. Some of the reactions are:

“My man out here making better music than Badshah himself.”

“This has got to be the best Badshah song ever.”

“You are amongst the coolest persons on the internet right now.”

“The fact that he created this video states that he has some musical skills to compose a track ( even if it’s a diss). Kudos Anshumon.”

“I really loved the dancing dog!”

“Damn…..u nailed it…this is incredible.”

“Badshah might lift this now.”

“You missed the most important step – It’s your boy badshah”

“Now badshah want to know your location.”

“That’s legit true on so many levels.”

“Reverse engineered, pretty well.”

Anshuman Sharma had earlier released a similar video on singer Ritviz too.

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