Someone Wore iPod Shuffle as a Hair Clip and Millennials Are Mad

Someone Wore iPod Shuffle as a Hair Clip and Millennials Are Mad


Apple iPod shuffle used to be a luxury for college students and the young generation back when it was launched in 2005. It not only made life easy for people who were tired of carrying the heavy and big walkman but getting to download unlimited songs was a blessing. Although the iPod shuffle was discontinued in 2017, it still remains a happy memory for a lot of millennials. Years later, the iPod shuffle has made a comeback on TikTok, but not how you would expect it to return. Multiple videos of TikTok users wearing iPod shuffle as hair-clip and earrings have surfaced on the platform in recent weeks. While some users used other retro gadgets and wired earphones as accessories as well, videos involving the iPod shuffle went viral and crossed over 2 million views.

In one of the viral videos, the user is holding a shuffle and trying to figure what it is. The caption of this post reads “Anyone know what this is?!??!.”The TikTok user named Celeste Tice says in the video, “I found this old iPod, I don’t know, hair clip thing.” She then goes on to wear the iPod shuffle as a hir clip.

According to a Gizmochina report, the video was just a prank about something that Tice wanted to do for a long time and she uploaded the clip to confuse others.

On October 23, back in 2001, Steve Jobs had announced to the world the launch of the iPod. On the twentieth anniversary of the OG music on the go, people on the internet could not help but feel nostalgic about the bygone eras last year.

The iPod marked the start of an era, changed the way music was consumed for many. Today, in the age of smartphones, Spotify and other readily and democratically available music platforms as well as equipment, it is a largely redundant device. However, its nostalgic value is not lost on social media users. NPR had, in 2009, described the iPod as a “quantum leap in listening”, it said in a recent report. It added that the first-generation iPod was launched with the slogan “1,000 songs in your pocket”. The iPod, after its launch in October, went on sale in November of 2001. We have come a long way since then.

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