'Splendid': Queen Elizabeth Writes to US Toddler Who Dressed Up as Her for Halloween

‘Splendid’: Queen Elizabeth Writes to US Toddler Who Dressed Up as Her for Halloween


Queen Elizabeth is one of the iconic figures in the world of pop culture. The British monarch has been the subject of several memes and even a hit Netflix series, The Crown. It seems her popularity even inspired a one-year-old American toddler to dress up as her for Halloween last year. The uncanny resemblance of her Halloween costume got noticed evem by the Queen, who sent her a letter of appreciation.

According to a report by Today, Jalayne Sutherland from Ohio dressed up as Queen Elizabeth and wore a blue overcoat, wig, hat and the Queen’s signature pearls. Jalayne even had some corgis flanking by her side, just like the monarch,which made her Halloween look even more worthy of praise. Jalayne’s mother, Katelyn Sutherland sent a letter and some pictures of the toddler in the cute outfit to Buckingham Palace in London. What took the family by surprise was the response that they received from the British Royal.

Sutherlands received the letter from the Queen which came with the Windsor Castle insignia and was dated December 9, 2021 from the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, the Hon. Mary Morrison. The letter read, “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter, and for the photograph you thoughtfully enclosed. Her Majesty thought it kind of you to write to her, and The Queen was pleased to see the photograph of your daughter, Jalayne, in her splendid outfit.”

Sutherlands had shared the pictures of their kids in Halloween costumes on Facebook last year. Jalayne was accompanied by her brother who dressed as Superman. The caption of the pictures read, “Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis. And of course Superman.”

Netizens have been commenting on the pictures shared by the Ohio-based family. As one of the viewers wrote, “Your family and especially your daughter in her costume are giving me so much joy!”

Have you checked the adorable pictures of Jalayne yet?

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