Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' Slams Trump, Insurrectionists in Witty 'Rent' Spoof

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Slams Trump, Insurrectionists in Witty ‘Rent’ Spoof


January 6 marked the one-year or ‘525600-minute’ anniversary of an event that shook up the pillars of democracy in America as thousands of protestors stormed towards Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, like everybody else, did take notice of the anniversary but chose to add a tinge of humour into the addressal. The sheer contrast in the theme of the original song and the premise of this parody song is what makes this perfect. The dreadful events of the insurrection of January 6, 2021, were intricately and creatively woven into the melodious song, Seasons of Love,from the 1996 Broadway musical Rent.

Using a witty wordplay with the musical’s name, the parody is titled Abhor-Rent: 525,600 Minutes Since The Insurrection. The song starts with headlines and newscasts addressing the one-year anniversary of the insurrection of Capitol Hill done by Trump Supporters. The parody then transitions into the song depicting each and every element that personified abhorrence.

With slides of images playing all along with the song, it contains visuals of the violent acts that took place that day. People standing atop the statues inside the building, smearing faeces, stealing objects inside the building, the video has it all. The first lyrics say, “525,600 minutes, 365 days since faeces were smeared. 12,000 self-incriminating Instagram pictures, One Viking shaman doing three-and-a-half years.”

We wouldn’t let you read the song as it is meant to be listened to, so, here you go:

January 6 marks one of the darkest days in American democracy as the building representing the concept was violently attacked by the mob fuelled by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump, during his rally, delivered a speech inciting people to “walk down to the Capitol” and “show strength to take the country back.” A total of 727 people were slammed with charges after the insurrection.

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