Student Invents Newton's 4th Law to Hilariously Explain How Covid-19 Affects Studies

Student Invents Newton’s 4th Law to Hilariously Explain How Covid-19 Affects Studies


With rising Covid-19 cases led by the new Omicron variant, schools are closed in more than a dozen states in India. And students of all groups have again shifted to the online mode of education. Amid the situation, if you were asked what the connection between Covid-era and Newton’s fourth law was, what would be your answer?. A page from a child’s copy which has Newton’s fourth law explained in Covid-19 terms is cracking up people on Twitter and going viral.

The page, which has the title ‘Newton’s fourth law’ written in blue handwriting reads, “When corona increases, study decreases, and when corona decreases, studies increase, which means that corona is inversely proportional to studies.” Then the explanation further goes to add a formula of the definition, which writes the “proportionality” between Covid-19 and studies. Then the student converts the proportion into an equation by declaring a constant k. As per the explanation, k is a constant which is called destruction constant. Sharing the page, the Twitter user, who is an Indian Administrative Service Officer from Chhattisgarh, wrote in the caption, “Newton of the covid-era.’

Responding to the hilarious explanation, many people reacted with laughter emojis in their replies.

Some tried to add to the joke as well. A Twitter user replied with a math problem that asked for a hall’s area if a person sitting at a distance of 200 metres infects another.

Another user replied that he requests the education department to add the explained law in the syllabus.

One questioned the election rallies that were happening despite Covid-19 cases, saying that the constant ‘k’ actually represented those election rallies.

“Profound,” another user quipped.

In overtones, the joke does highlight the way students are impacted severely by the Covid-19 pandemic. As per the Annual School Education Report 2021, about 26 percent of the surveyed school children had no means of online learning. This means their studies are put to a halt during the pandemic.

What do you think of the viral explanation? Can you come up with Newton’s fifth law?

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