Take Care of Your Fitness with These Tips From Tisca Chopra

Take Care of Your Fitness with These Tips From Tisca Chopra

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Winters are an interesting combination of being covered in quilts, having a cup of hot chocolate and reading your favorite book. Though loved by some, this lethargic attitude gets on the nerves of those who are very particular about their fitness. They tend to be very conscious of the fact that they do not put on any extra kilos in this season. Such people can find their inspiration in the very stylish and talented actress Tisca Chopra.

Have a look at this post by Tisca where she is making a ‘Tryst with her health’ during this winter break. The actress wrote in the caption of post that muscle is hard to build and easy to loose. Tisca wrote that she is committed to get fit this winter break.

1. Eat only 1 portion of dessert for lunch. Skip the dinner. Have the piece of dessert only if one is feeling too hungry.

2. In order to avoid carbs, start the day with light meals like soup or salad.

3. Among beverages, have water. Avoid chai, coffee and alcohol.

4. In order to avoid panic eating, eat the meals timely. Have the meal whenever you are going out.

5. Refraining to drain all the energy in just one workout, complete it in 2 shifts. Do yoga and stretching in the morning and gym/walking in evening.


Keeping yourself hydrated is very much important in winters. Even a small amount of dehydration leads to poor memory levels and bad concentration.

This coronavirus pandemic has forced the people to stay indoors. Thus, they are unable to go outside leaving absolutely no space for exercising. The above mentioned steps by Tisca, if followed with utmost dedication, can produce wonderful results.

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