Tamil Nadu Woman Regains Memory 7 Years After She Went Missing, Reunited With Family

Tamil Nadu Woman Regains Memory 7 Years After She Went Missing, Reunited With Family


Rajappa continued his search for 4-5 years and eventually the family gave up. (Photo: News18)

Muthamma had been mentally ill in 2014. Her husband Rajappa had her admitted to a hospital in Bengaluru, from where she went missing.

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The misty town of Madikeri saw a rather emotional moment in the early hours of last week. Rajappa and Muthamma, natives of Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu, were united after seven long years and they have been thanking God and people who helped them ever since. Muthamma had been mentally ill in the year 2014. Hence, her husband Rajappa, a mason by profession, brought her to Bengaluru and had her admitted in NIMHANS for treatment. After two months of treatment, one day, she suddenly went missing from her bed in the hospital. Rajappa and his relatives frantically searched for her everywhere they could think of, but couldn’t find her. Rajappa even registered a missing person complaint in Bengaluru police station. He continued his search for the next 4-5 years and eventually the family gave up.

In 2017, a woman was found in a very dire state near a hotel in Madikeri. She had a wound on her left leg that had turned gangrenous. When people informed Tanal orphanage, they took her in. She was treated for her gangrene as well as for her mental illness. The organisation also sent her to Kerala for further treatment, after which she recovered significantly.

On returning from Kerala, Muthamma recalled her name, address and family. The orphanage tried to trace her family. Kodagu district magistrate Subramanya stepped in and helped them trace Rajappa who was told to come down to Madikeri to meet his wife. “I was shocked and overwhelmed to know that my wife is alive. There is no place where I haven’t searched her,” said Rajappa, who couldn’t contain his joy after seeing his wife all healthy. Tears rolled down both their eyes and the couple were happily united. Muthamma is now back to her home in Tamil Nadu and her family said they are indebted to the orphanage for life.

“We had completely lost hope of finding our aunt. We didn’t know if she was alive or dead. To see her so healthy is a blessing. Last time when we saw her, she had been mentally ill. May god bless these good people who took care of her and informed us,” said Dorai, Muthamma’s son-in-law.

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