This French University Now Offers Degree in Drinking, Eating, and Living

This French University Now Offers Degree in Drinking, Eating, and Living


This may sound very strange, but a university in France is offering a degree in drinking, eating, and living. According to a report in the New York Post, the master’s degree is provided by Sciences Po Lille, a prestigious university in France.

Now, people have the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in Boire, Manger, Vivre (BMV), which translates to drinking, eating, and living.

The classes will cover subjects from an interdisciplinary range, which intersect with the culinary world, including tech, gastro-diplomacy, labour, and philanthropy. Through the course, people will get an opportunity to participate in conferences on food and drinks apart from taking the knowledge on subjects like plants, farming, meat.

The university received a total of 70 applications for the 15-seat course. Speaking to a media outlet, economics lecturer Benôit Lengaigne stated that the new programme has been introduced to widespread mockery among students. During the inaugural year, 15 lucky students were selected for the programme. The lecturer even said that many would become “envy of their colleagues.”

Academic directors assure that it’s more than a course, and it is essential in preserving France’s place as the world’s most treasured culinary destination in the world.

The students who have received the chance to take admission to this unique course are elated and have praised the university director for providing this course.

Speaking to the local newspaper, Le Monde newspaper, Clémence Ricart, a student at the university said “We had enrolled ourselves into this major without knowing what it was about, but it’s fascinating.”

Many enrolled students were earlier concerned if a degree would translate into jobs, but the way business feedback is being received, it seems that they will get a good job.

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