This Gold-Plated Sweet in Delhi Costs Rs 16,000 Per Kg

This Gold-Plated Sweet in Delhi Costs Rs 16,000 Per Kg


For all those who have a sweet tooth, these gold-plated dessert might excite you. Indian sweets are usually topped with silver foil as it makes them look more exquisite. Now, a Delhi shop went a step ahead to sell gold plated sweets. However, in order to try this sweet, one has to shell out a lot of money. In a video posted through a food vlogger’s account, which goes by the name of Oye foodiee, a chunk of mithai is seen placed in a tray. A man removes the sheet and has a thin layer of gold cover which he places on top of the sweet. He pulls out another layer and places it too. Following which he uses a knife to cut out small pieces of the same. Next, he picks up a piece and places it on a wrapper, garnishes it with saffron, and hands it out to the customer.

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As per the caption of the post, the gold-plated mithai is priced Rs 16,000 per kg. “Tag your Rich friend who would try this,” it further read. It was also revealed that the shop is located in Maujpur area of the national capital.

Shared a week ago, over 6 lakh people have approved the gold-plated sweet. While some people joked about how their monthly salary is less than the price of the sweet, there were many who wanted to give it a try. However, a couple of users appeared to be not impressed with the tweak, of adding the gold layer on top of the sweet. “Putting gold on something doesn’t make it look good,” read a comment, another wrote, “itni tho meri month ki salary bhi nhi hai, mere aukaat sai bhar hai yeah sweet (I don’t earn this much, this sweet is way out of my league). “Itna paisa kharch karne se behtar hum malai peda nhi le lenge (Instead of spending so much money, its better we buy malai peda),” a third said.

This is not the first time, the gold layering has been added to food. Previously, gold biryani and gold vada pav had taken the internet by storm.

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