This is What Milind Soman is Up to These Days, See Video

This is What Milind Soman is Up to These Days, See Video

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Milind Soman should be officially called as the ‘8th wonder of the world’. We fail to guess from where he manages to capture such fitness and good health at the age of 56. The actor-model has again grabbed the eyeballs with another video on Instagram. Get ready to remain jaw dropped as the actor manages his weight single handedly hanging on a pole.

“The very basic concept of physical fitness is being able to manage your own weight comfortably, in any situation.. this enables you to enjoy life, your relationships, and the world, more fully,” he wrote in the caption of the video in which he is seen hanging from a horizontal pole.

Milind’s fans were mesmerised watching his passion for fitness. A user went on to write that he should give this challenge to actor Akshay Kumar.

Interestingly, hanging exercises on a regular basis can reap a lot of benefits.

Strengthens your grip and endurance power

Hanging exercises strengthen the involved muscles. If you don’t practise hanging, your forearms could accumulate lactic acid that, after a while, is not healthy for the body.

Improves shoulder health

Your shoulders have been made to move in many directions. When you don’t make use of their abilities, they get stiff and tightened. Hanging from a bar helps in improving your shoulder health a lot. It also helps in your shoulders experiencing passive stretch. This passive stretch helps you in loosening up.

Corrects your posture

Most of us spend a major chunk of our day sitting in front of computers. This leads to excruciating pain in our backs. Hanging exercises help in managing this problem.

Repairs the shoulder injuries

People go for expensive surgeries to treat their shoulder injuries. Although according to Dr. John Kirsch, an orthopedic surgeon, hanging from a bar could prove more effective than a surgery in several cases. John had suffered a shoulder injury himself. He tried these hanging exercises, and witnessed major improvements.

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