This Japanese Man Earns a Living By Doing 'Nothing' For People

This Japanese Man Earns a Living By Doing ‘Nothing’ For People


A typical day in the life of someone with no work to do would be filled with boredom and frustration. But that’s not the case with this Japanese man, who earns just by doing nothing. The 38 years old Shoji Morimoto offers his so-called service “rent-a-man.”

Shoji, who lives in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, offers himself on rent and people pay him to join them in activities like having a meal or listening to their chit-chats.

Why Did He Choose To Offer This Strange Service?

Shoji, who is the founder of the “Do Nothing Rent-a-Man” service, says that in 2018, he was unemployed and was struggling. For this, he started a strange service by making a Twitter account named: “Do Nothing Rent-a-Man.”

The idea behind his service was to make himself available to those who struggled with loneliness and could not speak their hearts to anyone. The popularity of this service eventually made him earn lakhs every month.

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Shoji has given this strange service of “doing nothing” to more than 3000 people till now. Every day, he is hired by 2-3 people, who give him money as well as food and travel charges separately.

Many people call him just to eliminate boredom. They sit with him, talk and come back after lunch or dinner. Shoji’s services are extremely professional. He neither befriends any customer nor starts talking to them. While speaking to CBS, Shoji said, “I lend myself out to do nothing, which means I don’t make any special effort. I don’t initiate conversation. I reply to chitchat, but that’s it.”

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