TVS Raider Review: What Does it Take to be the New Benchmark?

TVS Raider Review: What Does it Take to be the New Benchmark?


Now for long there was a gap in TVS’s line up in the 125-cc motorcycle segment. But that was recently bridged with this, the Raider. So today we are going to be answering a few important questions. How good of a commuter is it? Does it have what it takes to go up against its rivals ad whether you should get one of these home?


Now TVS idea for the raider was something that will primarily grab the youngsters’ attention and for that I think the motorcycle scores handsomely. You get a very aggressive design with a chunky and chiseled fuel tank, at the front you get all-LED headlamps that looks as if Bumblebee became a motorcycle. The motorcycle gets split seats that looks very sporty for the segment it operates in. At the back the motorcycle gets LED taillights with a neat grabrail and tail that gives it a sporty appeal.

The quality of materials used around the motorcycle is of premium quality and the fit seems like something that will stand the test of time. The buttons on the switchgear feels good to use and feels like something from a segment above. Sitting behind the bent handlebar is a coloured LCD instrument cluster that shows a host of information including a speedometer, tachometer, distance to emty two trip meters and a gear position indicator. Now, while the display might seem a bit crowded at the beginning, one will get used to it in no time. Also, we found out that the gear position indicator on the motorcycle was flawed time and again showing either the wrong gear or a 0 in its place. Defeats the purpose but won’t affect your riding in any way.

TVS Raider. (Image: Anirudh Sunilkumar)


Now TVS raider is powered by a 124.8-cc single cylinder engine which if you actually look at it has the same bore and stroke ratio and the same three valve head as the Ntorq 125. But TVS assures that this is an entirely new engine so we are going to see how that contributes in the overall package.

TVS Raider. (Image: Anirudh Sunilkumar)

In one word, happy. The TVS Raider in no way actually behaves like just another commuter motorcycle. The engine is eager and quick in traffic with easy overtakes and maneuvering. The power comes in as early as 4,000 rpm and is spread out even throughout the rev range. The 5-speed transmission is also slick and add to the brownie points for the motorcycle.

However, in addition to the peppy engine, what really works in the Raider’s favour is its light kerb weight of just 123 kgs. This makes navigating tight spaces in parking spots and bumper to bumper traffic an easy affair.

TVS Raider. (Image: Anirudh Sunilkumar)


Apart from its cosmetic quotient, the split seat has good cushioning and proves to be comfortable both for the rider as well as the pillion.

Now once you climb astrid the Raider you get a low handlebar and a low seat. Now this might call for a somewhat committed riding posture. But not something that will weigh heavy on your back during long city commutes.

TVS Raider. (Image: Anirudh Sunilkumar)

The Raider gets conventional forks at the front and monoshock at the rear that are set on a plush side making the motorcycle easier to absorb most bumps and mounds.

And since we are speaking of cycle parts, the motorcycle gets disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. We felt that the front brakes could have done with a better bite.


Now we started the review by asking three important questions, and I am happy to report that the answer to all of those questions is a big yes. With what it has to offer, the Raider can be burdened with a tag that is definitely more than just a commuter. Hence, if you have a 125-cc scooter segment in mind, add this to your list.

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