UK Residents Want to Shut Sky Pool During Winters to Cut Heating Cost of Rs 45K a Day

UK Residents Want to Shut Sky Pool During Winters to Cut Heating Cost of Rs 45K a Day


Great things come with great expenses. That is why, the Sky Pool that is suspended between two buildings in Embassy Gardens of London seems to be burning a hole in the pockets of its residents. The Sky Pool is a marvelous swimming pool that is 35 meters above the ground, situated in the upmarket area of Nine Elms. The pool is only allowed to be used by the residents and guests of the Embassy Gardens and a temperature of 30 degrees celsius is maintained at all times using a pool cover. However, as the winters arrived and the pool cover broke, the water got too cold for swimming.

According to a report by The Sun, one resident explained that they have to bear the expense of heating the pool so that it can be used in the cold. The heating costs around £450 or Rs 45,165 per day and if five people are using it, then each person has to shell out £90 or Rs 9,033 for a swim, the resident added.

Bothered by its maintenance cost, the residents of the complex now wish to close the pool during winters in order to save the ridiculous amount they are paying to heat it. Reportedly, there is also a separate pool available and the annual service charge for a two-bed flat can be as high as £9,000 or Rs 9,03,308.

Meanwhile, the developer of the property, Ballymore refuted the residents’ claims saying that the pool is being used every day even during the winters. “The service charges are reasonable and are instead 30 to 40 percent less than other developments in the area,”; a spokesman told LADBible.

Being the world’s first ‘floating pool’, the Sky Pool had drawn significant attention for its marvelous engineering on social media. It was brought from Colorado, US which is 5,000 miles away. The 82ft long structure that is suspended 115ft above the ground holds 400 tonnes of water. It got its name from the US Embassy building view that it offers.

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