UP Cop Wins Cash Prize for Eating 60 'Puris' as Part of 'Bada Khana' Contest

UP Cop Wins Cash Prize for Eating 60 ‘Puris’ as Part of ‘Bada Khana’ Contest


Food eating competitions aren’t exactly a novel idea. These are organised across countries to bring in cheerfulness and joy in our mundane lives and everyone needs a little bit of the same. In a similar fashion, Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda saw a fun event being held where a police official ate a whopping 60 ‘puris’ in one sitting and won the “Bada Khana” contest held in the Reserve Police Line of Gonda. Hrishikesh Rai, who is the chief constable of PAC ended up eating 60 puris and broke his own record!

The ‘Bada Khana’ contest was held this week before the passing out parade of the new police recruits and the competition is an old one in which the new and the old policemen enjoy a meal together. As part of this contest, those who eat the most number of puris are honoured. Rai ended up breaking his own record this time as earlier he had himself eaten 51 puris and this time he ate 9 more, thereby breaking his own record.

Rai received a cash prize of Rs1,000 for his achievement. At one time in his younger days, he would be able to eat as many as 160 puris, some said.

Gonda Police on Twitter shared photos and videos from the event where they also feted Rai for his puri-eating achievement.

In the video, Superintendent of Police (SP), Santosh Kumar Mishra announced the runner-ups to the contest and said the second spot went to a recruit constable Amit Kumar Singh who ate 48 puris. In another video of the same event, SP Mishra was also seen serving food to the cops who took part in the event and also later ate with them.

A video of a YouTuber Madhuri Lahiri taking on the challenge to eat 100 momos had recently resurfaced on social media. The blogger is seen with 100 chicken momos in front of her but as her she starts becoming full, she is no longer able to consume more momos. Despite her best efforts, the Youtuber fails to accomplish the task of consuming 100 momos and 20-25 of them are left on the table.

In a bizarre eating contest, people in Florida last year took to eating nine-inch pies to participate in the World Key Lime Pie Eating Championship. The participants with their hands behind their back and wearing protective eyewear, were seen gobbling down the pie burrowing their faces right into the dish in a set time limit.

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