Upcoming BMW iX M60 Electric SUV With 610-hp Output Unveiled at 2022 CES - Details Here

Upcoming BMW iX M60 Electric SUV With 610-hp Output Unveiled at 2022 CES – Details Here


BMW has introduced the iX M60 electric SUV at the 2022 CES. The iX comes as the second EV from the manufacturer and will come with two electric motors, 610bhp and return upto 450.61 km of range.

That’s not just it. The car comes with even more impressive number like 1099Nm of instant torque with the help of launch control and a 0-100kmph acceleration in just 3.6 seconds. The company has claimed that its power delivery of its M-specific electric drivetrain continues into high load ranges, “so acceleration remains almost constant up to the electronically-limited maximum speed of 155 mph when properly equipped.”

The iX M60 sports a massive 111.5kWh battery that includes a usable 106.3kWh. To put things into perspective, Tesla’s long range Model S comes with a 100kWh battery, while Mercedes-Benz’s flagship EQS sedan that comes with 350 miels of range comes with a 107.8kWh battery.

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In terms of charging capabilities, the car will take 97 minutes to be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent while plugged into a 25-amp system delivering 50kW of charge. With a 250-amp charger delivering 100kW of power, the car will be charged equally in 49 minutes. However, with a DC fast charger, delivering 250kW of power, the car will take just 35 minutes to get from 10 to 80 percent charged.

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BMW is planning to come up with a whole new package software and advanced driver assist feature that will include partially autonomous driving and self-parking features.

In addition to all of this, BMW claims that it wont use rare earth materials in powering the iX M60. Instead, the motors operate on the principle of a “current-energized synchronous machine,” which BMW describes as “the excitation of the rotor is triggered by the precisely metered supply of electrical energy.”

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