US Delivery Boy Leaves Sweet Message For Pregnant Woman, And Then...

US Delivery Boy Leaves Sweet Message For Pregnant Woman, And Then…


Thirty-six-year-old Jessica, who lives in Georgia, USA, was just randomly checking the recording of her door camera and found something that made her extremely emotional. It was a message from a delivery boy who must have visited Jessica’s place to deliver some stuff. In his message, the delivery boy looked into the door camera and said he hoped that Jessica and her baby were healthy.

He added that he had a baby around the same time as Jessica. He said he hopes that everything is fine and wishes Jessica a happy holiday.

Jessica had ordered a few things from a store named Ups, and the delivery driver, who had brought an order when Jessica was in the last months of her pregnancy, came again. This time when he visited her, he left a message too.

The man left the message on the camera without even knowing if Jessica would hear this message. Jessica posted this video on her Instagram handle on December 4, 2021. Jessa felt very emotional when she saw the video, shared it on Instagram and requested the Ups company and people to find the delivery driver. It took everyone only a day to find that the name of the driver is Dallen Harrell.

Jessica met Dallen and also gave gifts to his baby. Their pictures and videos are going viral on social media.

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