US Mechanic Sues Boss for Paying his Final Salary in Coins That Weighed 226 Kilo

US Mechanic Sues Boss for Paying his Final Salary in Coins That Weighed 226 Kilo


It is common for the boss and employees to have disagreements. But things got a little out of hand when a boss in the United States did something that eventually resulted in a court case against him.

Andreas Flaten is a car mechanic, who lives in Fayetteville, Georgia. He disagreed with his boss and decided to leave his job.

He was given coins in bags when he demanded his full and final salary. The coins were also worth less than his salary.

Even after 227 kg coins, the amount was less than his salary

Andreas claims that he was given so many coins as salary that he couldn’t count them. However, when the value of these was calculated, it turned out to be less than the full and final salary. The total weight of the coins was 227 kg, according to the Mirror report. When these were added up, the total came to 915 dollars or 67 thousand rupees.

Andreas took a photo of the coins and posted it to social media, where it quickly went viral.

This incident has resulted in a complaint being filed with the US Department of Labour. The mechanic worked for Miles Walker, the owner of OK Walker Autoworks. On behalf of the department, it has been stated that the labour and overtime laws have been violated in this case. It has also been claimed that some wrong comments about Andreas were published on the company’s website.

Andreas spent 7 hours picking up the coins thrown on the way, which is considered harassment. At the same time, the garage owner claims that he was given money, regardless of how he received it.

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