US Nurse Licks Rainwater While Trapped in Crashed Car for 5 Days, Survives

US Nurse Licks Rainwater While Trapped in Crashed Car for 5 Days, Survives


In a miraculous turn of events, a 68-year-old woman from Washington defied all odds and survived after being trapped for five days in her car that crashed and fell into a ravine. Lynell McFarland, a retired nurse, was returning from her relative’s memorial service when her car slid on black ice and fell in a ravine roughly 30 meters away from the highway, reported The Spokesman-Review. The car got stuck between two trees which prevented it from falling further into a ditch, but it also blinded passersby from seeing the car.

The impact fractured Lynell’s arm and knee. She somehow managed to cut loose her seatbelt but fell at the back of the car due to the angle at which the vehicle was stuck. While sharing her tale of survival with The Spokesman-Review, Lynell said that she had her phone, winter boots, and water bottles in front of the car, but she couldn’t reach them due to the fractures and the tilt of the vehicle.

She used a makeshift shelter to protect her from the cold and licked rainwater off of the plastic bags to stay hydrated. For five days, she stayed alert and kept herself alive while sending her prayers to God.

“I could feel my parents’ arms around me. I just said, ‘Dear God, I know I am going to die someday, but please don’t let it be in this dark, deep ravine, where I am never found,” she recalled.

Her daughter, Amanda McFarland, had initiated a search and rescue mission, and gathered volunteers to look for her missing mother. Finally, on the fifth day of her survival, a crew of the state department of transportation spotted her crashed car and rushed to rescue Lynell. She was injured and had signs of hypothermia but was conscious.

She was sent to the hospital, where her injuries were treated. Her daughter said that her mother was so thirsty that she drank three whole pitchers of water. A few weeks later, she was discharged from the hospital and got to spend Christmas with her family, just as she had hoped while she was fighting death in the crashed car.

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