US Politician's Tone-deaf Tweet on 'Black Friend' Blasted By Star Trek's George Takei

US Politician’s Tone-deaf Tweet on ‘Black Friend’ Blasted By Star Trek’s George Takei


Star Trek fame actor and activist George Takei fired back on the United States’ Rhode Island State Representative Patricia Morgan’s controversial tweet against teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT). On Morgan’s allegations that CRT was divisive, Takei, who was born in a Japanese-American family, mentioned the racism he and his community in the United States had to go through during the Pearl Harbour attack – Japan’s surprise military strike on US’ naval base during World War II. On Tuesday, December 28, Morgan, a Republican party member, posted a tweet saying that she had a black friend with whom she shared mutual admiration. But now, Morgan claimed, the friend turned hostile and unpleasant. “I am sure I didn’t do anything to her, except being white,” wrote Morgan. She asked if that was what teachers and the political leaders (supporting critical race theory) wanted for the society, alleging that the CRT was divisive.

Morgan’s tweet faced a huge backlash including Takei’s reply reminding her of white Americans’ behaviour towards his community during the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan on the US. Takei responded to Morgan’s tweet in a similar anecdotal way. He wrote that he had a white friend with whom he shared mutual admiration. The friend, too, became hostile and unpleasant when the Pearl Harbour Attack happened. “I am sure we didn’t do anything but they sent us to camps anyway,” wrote Takei, questioning why Morgan and CRT opposers don’t want to teach about the racism done in the past under the cover of “it makes kids feel bad.”

For the past year, Critical Race Theory has been in volatile political discourse. The theory, which highlights the systemic racism pervading legal decisions and policy making, has been under fire from critics who allege the theory to be divisive. Supporters argue that educating children about the systemic and legal discrimination against black and non-white people is important for bringing a change on the level of policy decisions. Advocates also say that CRT in school education is under attack from critics because it aims to help black and non-white students identify the causes of the inequality in their lives.

Many other users responded to Morgan’s remark. One user tried to deconstruct her tweet to allege an implicit racial bias in it.

What do you think of Morgan’s remark?

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