US Woman Has World's Longest Name with 1K Letters, Holds 2-foot-long Birth Certificate

US Woman Has World’s Longest Name with 1K Letters, Holds 2-foot-long Birth Certificate


Your name is probably the most important part of your identity and you have to live with it even if you are not ok with it. Many parents come with strange bizarre names for their children, the brunt of which children have to bear throughout student lives. These unconventional names are often inspired by pop culture like books, comics, movies and music and even the ongoing pandemic. However, this mother from Texas did not just want to come up with an unconventional name. She wanted her daughter to have the longest name in the world. And thus, when a baby girl was born to them back in September 12, 1984, Sandra Williams and her partner simply wrote Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshenk Koyaanisquatsiuth Williams on her birth certificate

If you are of the opinion that the name is too long, you will be baffled to know that the child’s parents didn’t feel the same way. They thought the name was still not long enough and thus they filed an amendment three weeks later which extended the name to 1,019 letters long. A 36-letter middle name was also added. The end result of the name was Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshenkescianneshaimondrischlyndasaccarnaerenquellenendrasamecashaunettethalemeicoleshiwhalhinive’onchellecaundenesheaalausondrilynnejeanetrimyranaekuesaundrilynnezekeriakenvaunetradevonneyavondalatarneskcaevontaepreonkeinesceellaviavelzadawnefriendsettajessicannelesciajoyvaelloydietteyvettesparklenesceaundrieaquenttaekatilyaevea’shauwneoraliaevaekizzieshiyjuanewandalecciannereneitheliapreciousnesceverroneccaloveliatyronevekacarrionnehenriettaescecleonpatrarutheliacharsalynnmeokcamonaeloiesalynnecsiannemerciadellesciaustillaparissalondonveshadenequamonecaalexetiozetiaquaniaenglaundneshiafrancethosharomeshaunnehawaineakowethauandavernellchishankcarlinaaddoneillesciachristondrafawndrealaotrelleoctavionnemiariasarahtashabnequckagailenaxeteshiataharadaponsadeloriakoentescacraigneckadellanierstellavonnemyiatangoneshiadianacorvettinagodtawndrashirlenescekilokoneyasharrontannamyantoniaaquinettesequioadaurilessiaquatandamerceddiamaebellecescajamesauwnneltomecapolotyoajohny aetheodoradilcyana.

With this new name, the renewed birth certificate became 2 feet long and the girl made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest name.

It will win you no prizes to guess that she is not addressed by her birth name and her friends and family simply call her Jamie. It took Jamie a lot of struggle to memorize her birth name. As per reports by The Mirror, she had to record her own name on tape and play it repeatedly to memorize it.

Jamie made a special appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show back in 1997 with her mother Sandra for her unusual name. Sandra told Oprah that her daughter’s name had to be unique in order to break a Guinness World record. “I didn’t want her name to be like anybody else’s. Her name had to be different and I had to be in the Guinness book,” she said.

Soon after Jamie was named by her parents, a law had been passed in Texas that allowed only names that fit within the ‘name’ box on the birth certificate form.

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