US Woman Marries Pink Colour After '40-year Relationship', Will Never Wear Another Shade

US Woman Marries Pink Colour After ’40-year Relationship’, Will Never Wear Another Shade


There is no dearth of bizarre marriages on social media. But for the first time, a woman is said to have created history after she got married to her favourite colour – pink in Las Vegas. Kitten Kay Sera held a wedding ceremony to tie the knot with the colour on New Year’s Day, January 1. For the big day, Sera was dressed in a pink gown, which was paired with a fluffy pink coat, along with a pink tiara. The woman also got her hair coloured pink, while her jewellery and lipstick matched the outfit perfectly.

The idea of marrying the colour pink crossed her mind two years ago when a child took a jibe at her for wearing the colour. Sera told local KVVU-TV that two years ago she met a kid on a skateboard and he asked her – “You love pink right?” and Sera nodded in agreement. After which the kid suggested to her that if she loves the colour so much, why doesn’t she marry it. Since this conversation took place, Sera wanted to tie the knot with the colour, pink. She stated that she has decided to marry the colour after being in a relationship with it for more than 40 years.

Sera walked down the aisle with a giant swatch, which featured five different shades of pink. “I’m actually marrying the colour pink. I have a giant pink swatch, like a pink paint swatch,” she said. Sera said that all five shades of pink, in the giant swatch, are her favourite.

On Instagram, Sera also shared a close-up snap of her pink wedding ring and wedding cake.

Wedding guests celebrated Sera’s love for the colour as they also wore pink outfits. From the decoration to the flowers laid down for her welcome – it was all pink. According to Sera, people have companions, but she has a colour.

You must be wondering what would have been the wedding vows? Well, Sera has sworn to wear only pink colour, until the day she takes her last breath.

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