US Woman Shares Rs 22,000 Lottery Prize With Cashier Who Encouraged Her to Buy Ticket

US Woman Shares Rs 22,000 Lottery Prize With Cashier Who Encouraged Her to Buy Ticket


It is not every day that one wins a lottery. So, when an 86-year-old woman in the US won one, she decided to split it with the cashier at the convenience store from where she bought the lottery ticket. Marion Forrest’s video of celebrating her lottery win of $300 (Rs 22,283) is winning the hearts of netizens as she decided to share her happiness with the cashier who encouraged her to buy the lottery ticket. A video was shared by Marion’s granddaughter Heidi Forrest on Instagram earlier this week. In the video, Marion is seen visiting the convenience store with a pair of celebratory balloons that read, “Walter Won.” Walking up to the cashier whose name is Walter, Marion hands him over an envelope and the balloons. Marion tells him that they won the lottery and the cashier is seen beaming with joy. People at the convenience store are seen cheering for both Walter and the kind gesture of the octogenarian. Walter and Marion share a warm hug as they celebrate the lottery win.

Heidi shared the video on Instagram with a caption that read, “My heart. Marrion Forrest is one of a kind.” Commenting on Heidi’s video, one of the users commended Marion and wrote, “What an inspiration.” Another user commented, “My heart. Let’s make this go viral!”

The video was also shared by Good News Movement on Instagram, who mentioned in the caption, “86-year-old Grandma Marion went to convenient store earlier this week and the cashier encouraged her to buy a lottery ticket because the big win was $500,000 (Rs 3,71,38,750) and she said, ‘okay if I win, I will take care of you!’.”

Commenting on the post a user wrote, “This is just the cutest! Kind people are my kind of people! We love you Walter.” Another user mentioned, “This is the content I am here for. I love to see it. Take care of one another.”

What do you think about the kind gesture of the old woman?

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