US Woman Who Made Rs 38 Lakh a Week Selling Her Farts Online Hospitalised

US Woman Who Made Rs 38 Lakh a Week Selling Her Farts Online Hospitalised


A woman who made a fortune out of her farts had to reportedly be hospitalised for passing too much wind. 31-year-old Stephanie Matto is a YouTuber and reality TV star, known best for her role in ‘90 Day Fiance’, and has earned around $200,000 (about Rs 1.4 crore) by selling her farts. The self-proclaimed ‘fartepreneur’ has announced her retirement after a health scare. Hailing from Connecticut, she had to be recently taken to the emergency department after suffering acute pain in her chest. The star underwent blood tests and an electrocardiogram and was informed by doctors that it was a result of excess gas owing to her high fibre diet involving beans, bananas, eggs and protein shakes, according to a Daily Mail report. Matto had initially thought she was having a heart attack. The Daily Mail quoted Matto in a statement, “I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments. I was overdoing it.”

Matto began her gassy venture in 2021 after seeing demand for the same on adult website Unfiltrd. She went on to sell her farts in a jar, making $1,000 (Rs 74k) per jar. The fart jars were even discounted during the holiday season.

With rising demand, Matto had to up her ‘wind game’ to produce about 50 fart jars a week, which ultimately almost knocked the wind out of her. Matto discovered that protein shakes helped worsen the smell of her flatulence and added it to her business plan. Recollecting how she ended up with a fart-attack, she said that she consumed about “three protein and a big bowl of black bean soup” in one day. She started to experience uneasiness and a pressure in her stomach and faced difficulty in breathing. At the hospital, the doctors advised her to change her diet and prescribed a gas suppressant medication.

Talking about her viral business, she said that banana protein shakes effectively produce more nasty-smelling farts. She initially couldn’t believe the huge rush to grab her fart jars and thinks that many people have a “secret fetish.”

She started the business while following a diet of mainly protein muffins, shakes, and hard-boiled eggs and later mixed it up with black bean salad, onion, ham and pepper omelettes to keep it “exciting.”

It was not a breezy ride for Matto though. She has faced a lot of “negativity” including death threats from people for her venture. However, she has also been praised for being a “girl boss” and “inspiring people to not be ashamed of who they are or their professions,” the Daily Mail reported.

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