Video of African Women Injecting Chicken Stock In Butts to Make Them Bigger is Viral Again

Video of African Women Injecting Chicken Stock In Butts to Make Them Bigger is Viral Again


Getting the perfect body is a priority for many, and they have their ways of achieving the goal. While some go to the gym, others use dieting, yoga and home exercises to attain their desired body. But when this fascination with getting the right body turns into an obsession, things go a little off track. Like in this case from Africa where people are injecting chicken stock into their private parts. Why? To get the right figure. Now, this may sound a little too bizarre to believe but it’s true.

This bizarre beauty trend was originally covered by Vice in 2018 and it got viral again after netizens stumbled on it again. The video highlighted a trend among Congolese people, especially women, who got chicken soup injected into their bodies to have the right shape.

The chicken soup, inserted through the skin, got stuck in the butt and enlarged its size. Apart from chicken soups, people reportedly injected stock cubes made up of Maggi, salt, sugar, black pepper, oil and other edibles into their bodies. The stock cubes were first converted into liquid form and then injected into the bodies.

The doctors, however, were seen talking about the negative effects of this trend and warned against severe health conditions. But this warning had little impact on followers of this trend.

In the video, the women were seen talking about how they were aware of all the health complications but yet took the injection because it made them look more desirable. The injection was easily accessible and a lot cheaper than any plastic or any other surgery.

The doctors blamed music albums and films for promoting such beauty standards where only a particular shape of women was categorised as desirable.

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