Video of Bonobo Monkey Playing With her 'Granddaughter' is All You Want to Watch Today

Video of Bonobo Monkey Playing With her ‘Granddaughter’ is All You Want to Watch Today


Whether it’s humans or animals, everyone loves their children. Female animals, much like humans, raise their children with affection, while the elderlies play the same role as family elders among us. A video in which an elderly female monkey is adoring her granddaughter recently went viral.‘s Facebook page recently shared a video about the bonobo monkey. An elderly female monkey is seen playing with her granddaughter in the video, which has garnered a lot of likes.

Let us inform you that bonobo monkeys are thought to be human ancestors. This is why today’s humans have a stronger bond with this species of monkeys.

In the video, an elderly female monkey is seen feeding a baby monkey. She tickles her and interacts with her in the same way as grandparents interact with their grandchildren.

People are liking this 45-second video, and it has become a hit on the internet.

People share their views:

You will be surprised to learn that this video has been viewed over 2 crore times and about 4 lakh people have liked it. At the same time, the video has received over 14 thousand comments. A user said, “There are monkeys, just like humans, but we keep them in the zoo.” Another person commented on how smart these monkeys are.

A woman commented on the video, asking how people can harm animals after watching such videos. One person stated that we still have a lot to learn from animals.

Chimpanzees and bonobos are our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom. An ancestor ape species split into two groups about 6 million years ago. Humans have evolved from this group. About 1 million years ago, the other group split into chimps and bonobos. Both ape species now share approximately 98.7 percent of their DNA with humans.

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