Video: Woman Screams While Taking RT-PCR Test, Netizens Can't Help but Laugh

Video: Woman Screams While Taking RT-PCR Test, Netizens Can’t Help but Laugh


The Covid-19 vaccination has intensified since the arrival of the Omicron variant of Coronavirus. With rising cases, many are queuing up to get themselves tested as well.

However, some people are alarmed simply by hearing the names of the test and vaccine. A video of one such person is currently going viral on social media.

In the video, a woman is seen visiting a health centre to get her Covid-19 test done. She is waiting in line for her RT PCR test, and once it’s her turn, she looks so terrified that she starts screaming like a baby. People surrounding her are also laughing at her reaction.

The woman in the viral video gathers her courage to take the test and then approaches the health worker with great trepidation. The woman begins screaming as soon as the health worker goes ahead with the RT PCR test. Everyone in the room bursts out laughing seeing the woman. Finally, the health worker takes the woman’s sample, and she runs screaming and crying away. This video has received a lot of attention.

People are reacting in the comments section of the video, shared by an Instagram account, ghantaa, which has received over 2,68,000 likes so far. The comments section of the video is full of funny responses.

Here is the link to the video-

According to data updated today by the Union health ministry, India has registered 2.47 lakh new Covid-19 cases, a 27 percent growth from yesterday, while active cases increased to 11,17,531. With 380 new casualties, the total death toll has risen to 4,85,035 people. The country has a total of 5,488 Omicron cases.

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