WATCH: Bhopal Woman Tosses Fruits Off Vendor's Cart as it Brushed Against Her Car

WATCH: Bhopal Woman Tosses Fruits Off Vendor’s Cart as it Brushed Against Her Car


A video of a Bhopal woman throwing fruits on the road after the vendor’s hand cart allegedly brushed off her car has sparked outrage online, and netizens are now demanding action against her. The video, which went viral on January 11, showed the vendor pleading to the woman as she tosses the papayas from his cart one by one. Even after the fruit vendor’s multiple requests, she paid no heed to it and continued to throw fruits here and there. Though the audio of the viral video is not clear enough, it can be figured out that the vendor urged the woman to stop a number of times. In the video, it is seen that some pedestrians stop to enquire and resolve the chaos but the angry woman was in no mood to hear anything. Posting the clip via his Twitter handle, a user wrote that after a slight touch of the cart on her car, which was parked on road, the woman threw the fruits of the vendor on road. “The cartman kept pleading but the woman did not listen,” the caption further read.

Below is what both parties had to say on the incident.

Though the woman has not been identified yet, many are speculating that she appears to be a professor at a private university of Bhopal, as a sticker of a university is seen on the rear window of her car.

Netizens were left fuming and urged the authorities to take strict action against her. They opined that even if the car did get a scratch, her reaction was not justified. A user termed the whole incident “horrible”, while another said that “it is really hard to watch. The humiliation this man is facing is unpardonable.”

Bhopal’s collector, Avinash Lavania, has taken cognisance of the viral video and has directed the officials to identify the woman and the fruit vendor. In her tweet, she assured that appropriate action will be taken in the matter.

A couple of users urged to punish the lady and make her compensate, financially, for the loss faced by the vendor. “How dare people even have the audacity to behave like this,” a user tweeted.

Another user opined that education does not define an individual’s morals, while a third questioned that – did the scratch on her car disappear after doing this.

What do you think about the video?

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