Watch: Food Vlogger Takes Challenge to Eat 100 Momos at Once. Can She do it?

Watch: Food Vlogger Takes Challenge to Eat 100 Momos at Once. Can She do it?


Many enjoy eating momos, but no one is ready to consume 100 of them at once. A video of YouTuber Madhuri Lahiri taking on the challenge to eat 100 momos at once is going viral on social media. On YouTube, the video has been viewed over 7 million times. The video is not new and was uploaded last year, but it is once again trending among netizens.

Madhuri Lahiri takes on the challenge of eating 100 Chicken Momos at once is the title of the YouTube video. However, gradually this challenge becomes a tough nut to crack for her

The question now is will she be able to complete the task?

The food blogger appears in the video with 100 chicken momos in front of her and informs them that she has come to complete the challenge. The chutney of the momos is kept in a bowl, and she counts 100 momos placed on the table.

To complete her challenge, the YouTuber begins eating momos. At first, everything appears to be fine, but as her stomach fills, she is no longer able to consume more momos. Despite her best efforts, the Youtuber fails to accomplish the task of consuming 100 momos and 20-25 of them are left on the table.

These types of food challenges are extremely popular. Some people enjoy taking on and completing such challenges. People who have seen the video have offered different pieces of advice to the girl. Someone commented that eating so many calories is unhealthy, while another user stated that eating so much junk food can make her sick.

Here is the link to the video:

At the same time, after watching the video, a majority of netizens expressed their desire to eat momos.

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