WATCH: 'Jenga King' Dog Plays Game Like a Pro, Leaves Netizens in Awe

WATCH: ‘Jenga King’ Dog Plays Game Like a Pro, Leaves Netizens in Awe


If you have ever played Jenga, you know that the board game requires a lot of concentration and balance. One mistake in removing the tile can bring the entire tower down. Sounds complicated, right? But the ease with which this dog from a viral video removes Jenga tiles makes it look all so simple. Originally posted a couple of years ago, the video caught netizens’ attention again after it was reshared by the Reddit page, WeRateDogs.

The clip shows the dog using its mouth to remove a tile at the bottom of a tall Jenga tower. The canine swiftly removes the tile without disturbing the balance of the tower. And with the tile in his mouth, the dog walks away like a ‘pro’.

The video was originally posted along with a caption that read, “This is Remy. She’s a Jenga legend. Not sure why anybody doubted her. It’s a simple game when you’re good. 14/10,”

Watch it here:

Since being reshared through, the clip has received over 7 thousand upvotes and 3 million views on the internet. Netizens were thoroughly impressed by the pro-level skills of the dog and called it the ‘Jenga King’.

Posting his reaction, a user said that if the incident would not have been recorded on camera, no one would have believed it. “That is awesome,” wrote one user in his reaction, while another commented, “He really likes to take risks, man.”

Sharing a video of a Jenga player cat, one user suggested arranging a game between the two animals. He wrote, “We need to arrange a game between this dog and this cat immediately.”

Now that will surely be an interesting game to watch. Ready to pick sides?

However, this is not the first such dog video to have gone viral on the internet. There’s a cult of doggo videos on the internet and we are not even exaggerating things even a bit.The videos show the animal doing mind-boggling things that make you wonder that if there’s even a thing that dogs can’t do!

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