WATCH: Kuwait Woman Carries Pet Lioness in Arms Like a Baby, Twitter Goes Wild

WATCH: Kuwait Woman Carries Pet Lioness in Arms Like a Baby, Twitter Goes Wild


Most of us must have seen the majestic lion in a zoo. It’s a memorable sight watching the ‘king of jungle’ walking carefree. But can you imagine someone carrying the mighty beast in their hands? A viral video shows a woman from Sabahiya district of Kuwait carrying a growling lioness in her arms.

In the video, the woman is seen catching the lioness and then carrying the animal in her arms late at night at a residential colony. Kuwaiti news portal Al Arabiya News reported that the lioness seen in the video has been kept as a pet by the woman seen in the clip and her father. This footage has been captured after the pet escaped their home and terrified the residents.

According to the report, environmental police had arrived at the scene and helped the woman find the big cat. Before the woman rescued her pet, the lioness was seen roaming the streets of Sabhiya, creating panic among the residents.

The lioness, at last, was caught by the woman. It appeared that the big cat was not happy, and that explained her decision to flee her owner’s home.

The viral video has garnered all sorts of reactions on social media. Despite the scary visuals, several users made light of the incident.

A user, while sharing the video, said, “My neighbor and her dog seemed to not be getting along last night.”

Another user joked that the cat must have dreamt of being a rockstar playing drums and she seems to be doing pretty well.

One user humorously compared the incident with the hit cartoon The Flintstones.

Many users expressed concerns over the lioness being kept as a pet.

Another person tweeted a report where a 425-pound tiger was found living in a Harlem apartment.

What do you think of the video?

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