WATCH: Mother Elephant, Calf Barge into Police Station in Kerala, Damage Entrance

WATCH: Mother Elephant, Calf Barge into Police Station in Kerala, Damage Entrance


A clip from a police station at the helm of a tiger reserve shows some uninvited visitors who were courteous enough to knock, but their knock was too hard for the iron doors of the station.The video shared on social media by Kerala Police is from the Parambikulam police station in the district of Palakkad. It starts with some snaps of a bent iron gate, followed by shattered tiles at the foot of the gate. The damage lays the premise for its reason, and moments later, the clip reveals an elephant and a calf sheltering itself under its mother’s trunk.

The video was creatively crafted, and the audio of the clip was juxtaposed with popular tunes and dialogues from South cinema. For example, a dialogue by late actor Kalabhavan Mani from the movie Kuberan was imposed over the bit where the damaged gate and tiles are being shown. Audio of another bit in the clip was dubbed with a dialogue from the 1993 Malayalam horror, Manichithrathazhu.

Sharing the video, Kerala Police, in the caption, wrote, “Watch the video to know what the mother and child did when they reached the Parambikulam police station.”

Take a look:

The video showing the unusual yet magnificent creatures visiting the police station sparked reactions from netizens, and hasacked up more than 3,000 views so far.

One user thought that the “poor thing” must have visited the station with a complaint.

Another user thinks that police must get training to deal with such events too.

Elephants seldom fail to create buzz on social media with their human-like demeanour with a no-so-human size. Such videos are guaranteed to warm your heart. Earlier, a video of a group of elephants making their care-taker went viral. The video shows the elephants brisking towards the man and then hugging him with the help of trunks.

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