Weight Loss: Try These 5 Ayurvedic Tips to Cut Down on the Belly Fat

Weight Loss: Try These 5 Ayurvedic Tips to Cut Down on the Belly Fat

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Belly fat seems like a big blot to a beautiful personality. Shedding those kilos from your body is an arduous journey. It involves a lot of roadblocks which a lot of people set to conquer, but only few manage to overcome. So, if you accept the challenge of being amongst those few, Ayurved expert Dr. Dixa Bhavsar is ready to help you with the task.

Dr. Dixa has explained in an Instagram post that belly fat indicates that the person is suffering from hormonal imbalance, poor metabolism, and poor lifestyle choices.

She has shared some simple steps which can help us in losing belly fat.


12 Surya Namaskars daily

Surya Namaskar helps us in achieving hormonal balance and metabolism. They also aid in the absorption of nutrients by the gut. Mental health and sleep levels are improved. This eventually leads to reduction in belly fat.

1000 kapalbhati pranayam

The doctor suggests that Kapalbhati assists in improving the blood circulation and digestion levels. It helps in burning down the belly fat as we mainly use our abdomen in this practice. It is also beneficial for women as it helps in regularising the periods and improving the flow.

Circadian Intermittent fasting

According to the doctor, this term implies fasting and eating for certain hours. It depends on what works for our body. In this fasting, we eat for 8 hours starting from the morning and have our last meal before sunset. It can be extended till 8 pm but should not be delayed any further.

Drinking warm water

Warm water improves the metabolism levels. This is due to the fact that water burns fat from every nook and corner of the body. Problems like bloating, gas and poor appetite also get solved to a huge extent through water.

Sound sleep (7 to 8 hrs)

Last but the most important. Better your sleep, quicker will be the process of losing weight.

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