What Are Some Relationship Green Flags to Watch Out For in 2022?

What Are Some Relationship Green Flags to Watch Out For in 2022?


The pandemic has taken a toll on relationships, making it difficult for people to express themselves. Online dating, through apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, has made people forget the actual fun. People refrain from getting romantically involved, and time has also accelerated their vulnerabilities of ineffectual communication skills and the ability to disagree successfully. The Indian Express spoke to a few dating experts about how one can bring the world of dating and relationships back on track this year, here is your answer:

Closure is very important, it permits you to end things and move on. Ones who are looking towards a positive new year should first find closure from their previous relationship. A psychologist and a founder of the Gottman Institute, a Seattle company, Julie Schwartz Gottman shared that closure helps couples build and maintain healthy relationships.

The expert also shared a bunch of big open-ended questions which, according to her, the couples should sit together and answer. Doing this highlights that you have suffered through survived, triumphed, and learned.

These questions are: What were the big moments of joy you experienced this year?

What were the lowest points and what did you go through?

Meaning from what we have gone through?

What are the lessons we are taking from this year?

What changed your priorities, belief system, values, and how did you arrive at them?

“Couples need a sense of hope and what to look forward to when navigating through and preparing for the upcoming year,” said Chief academic officer and a family and couples psychologist, Anthony L. Chambers. Hence, they should collectively decide how they want the upcoming year to look like, this helps in creating an intentional, shared vision while increasing connection and alignment. According to the expert, as the central task of marriage is the management of differences, addressing these differences and shortcomings is a good way to start.

Psychologist and relationship consultant in California, Morgan Cutlip highlighted that couples tend to talk only when something is wrong. The expert insisted that it is important for couples to find time and check-in with each other.

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