What on Earth is Cryptoland, the Fijian Island That's Supposed to be a Crypto Paradise?

What on Earth is Cryptoland, the Fijian Island That’s Supposed to be a Crypto Paradise?


While Cryptoland may sound like yet another island in the metaverse where you can buy NFT yachts and land, it’s not so. Cryptoland is meant to be a real, physical island exclusively for crypto enthusiasts. Think that’s outlandish? You’re not alone. Most of Crypto Twitter has been questioning the concept through the entirety of the last week, with many wondering if it might be a parody of the much-criticised NFT culture. Some have even been speculating if the whole thing isn’t just a scam. In essence, Cryptoland, if it’s not a parody, is supposed to be a Fijian island that’s going to be a global hub for Crypto-lovers. It had all started with a video uploaded by Cryptoland that had been shared by a Twitter user called Molly White, who had cast several aspersions upon its legitimacy. The video, however, has since been deleted. It remains unclear whether or not the actual, physical Fijian island has even been bought yet.

According to The Next Web, Cryptoland would be divided into three main sections- Cryptoland Bay, The House of Dao and The Blockchain Hills. The entire project is supposed to be funded through the sale of NFTs. The Next Web, in its January 7 report, stated that the Fijian island Nananu-i-cake, which Cryptoland wants to buy, is still on sale on at least two real estate websites. This should indicate that it hasn’t been bought by the people behind Cryptoland yet. What’s more, several Twitter users have claimed that Nananu-i-cake is physically not big enough to accommodate what Cryptoland has been planning. Check out Molly White’s thread here.

Cryptoland founders Max Oliver and Helena Lopez told Daily Dot that the project is releasing 10,000 NFTS, the kingmakers of which are called “King Cryptolanders”. Buying one of these at 319 Ethereum (ETH) which is around $1 million, would grant the buyer access to an acre of land on the future island community. Daily Dot reports that whether or not this holds under current laws is dubious.

Cryptoland, however, has defended itself against criticism. In a statement on Twitter, it wrote, “We have been victims of what seems to be a planned attack to harass, vilify and twist our work. Condemning “false information” and “false accusations”, the organisation invited those who are truly curious to do their own research and “politely ask”.

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