Woman Solo Travellers Must Ensure They Carry These Things Before They Go Backpacking

Woman Solo Travellers Must Ensure They Carry These Things Before They Go Backpacking

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Women travelling alone is becoming more and more popular, especially among the younger generation. For many women, travelling is a great way to feel free and explore new places. It’s also an opportunity for self-discovery and empowerment, the reason so many women love travelling alone. But sometimes, packing for your trip can feel like a difficult task. However, it’s not as hard as it seems. So if you, too, are a woman solo traveller, here’s what you need to pack in your bag, apart from clothes.

How to Pack Your Bag as a Women Solo Traveller?

– Make sure you are bringing the correct amount of luggage. The number of days you are going to travel decides the size of the bag that you need. For example, if you’re going on a two-month-long trip, you need just more than luggage. However, remember to leave enough space in the bag, for you are guying buy a lot of stuff on your travels and will bring it back home.

– It is always beneficial to have a battery backup and headphones in your bag. When the phone’s battery runs out, you can easily charge it using the power bank. It is better to pack your headphones because there is nothing better than having some good music playing through your ears during those long drives.

– Women must pack a kit wherein they include the essential stuff like pads, paper soap, medicines, bandages, etc. If you are going somewhere during the pandemic, remember to keep a face mask and sanitiser to protect yourself.

– If you are fond of doing makeup, do not forget to get your bag stocked up with the essentials like body lotion, serum, sunscreen, lip balm, lipstick, kajal, etc.

– You must keep a luggage tracker in your bag as a solo traveller. By doing this, you will not be afraid of theft or loss. You can also use it to find out where your bags are if they go missing.

– Remember to pack your important documents like Aadhar card, identity card, vaccination certificate, etc.

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