Working Hard, Consistently in Gym is Vicky Kaushal's Fitness Mantra. His 5 Tips

Working Hard, Consistently in Gym is Vicky Kaushal’s Fitness Mantra. His 5 Tips

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Actor Vicky Kaushal is among the Bollywood celebs who motivate everyone for a healthy diet and lifestyle. His personality is adored by youngsters, and they see him as an inspiration. He regularly posts pictures and videos from his gym schedule on his Instagram. He also keeps his fans updated with his regular nutrient-rich meal and inspires people to avoid fast foods. The actor always maintains his weight even though he has a busy schedule with films.

Here are some fitness tips from Vicky Kaushal that you can use in your daily life to improve your health and lifestyle:

Work hard in the gym: Vicky trains hard to get the perfect shape for the character he is playing in his movies. He does not mind spending hours in the gym to get into the skin of the character. Like him, you should do proper sets of training in the gym to get your desired body type.

Try some new and exciting workouts: It becomes boring and unexciting when you do the same set of exercises daily. Vicky tries his hands out on new exciting workouts to keep himself motivated for more exercises. You can try new exercises with the help of your trainer.

Be consistent with an exercise routine: After recovering from COVID-19, Vicky continued his workout routine with enthusiasm. He never makes excuses to not perform exercises. His mantra is to stay motivated for exercise and be consistent with a routine.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast: Vicky Kaushal had once shared a picture of his breakfast meal containing 10 eggs, 80 gms oats, butter, strawberries, blueberries, and chocolate. Like him, you should get a healthy breakfast as suggested by your trainer.

Proper diet: For a fit body, it is important that you also include protein-rich food, carbohydrate, healthy fat, and nutrition in your diet like Vicky.

Vicky Kaushal continues to inspire the young generation for a healthy lifestyle.

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