Yamaha, Kawasaki to Jointly Develop Hydrogen-Powered Engines

Yamaha, Kawasaki to Jointly Develop Hydrogen-Powered Engines


The year 2022 is witnessing one of the biggest collaborations between two auto giants. Japanese brands Yamaha and Kawasaki have decided to come together to develop a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine.

According to a report by Motociclismo, both auto giants have entered into an agreement to undertake joint research for developing these combustion engines of future motorcycle models.

The new hydrogen is being seen as an alternative to electric powertrains and is expected to support the formation of zero-emission two-wheelers.

The development is part of a bigger collaboration towards the objective of carbon neutrality. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yamaha Motor Company, Subaru Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation and Mazda Motor Corporation have entered into an agreement to accomplish this goal.

These five companies have united to study the usage of hydrogen engines in motorcycles and other vehicles. They also plan to participate in tenders involved in zero-emission fuels.

Kawasaki has been focussing on the usage of hydrogen as a next-generation energy source since 2010. They have also developed technologies for transportation, production and the use of hydrogen along the entire supply chain. The Japanese major is aiming to start transportation of hydrogen by the end of 2021 fiscal. Kawasaki’s in-house liquified hydrogen carrier – Suiso Frontier – is at the forefront of the mission.

Yamaha is also developing hydrogen engine technology so that it can be used in their two-wheelers. Yamaha has plans for achieving the objective of 100 percent carbon neutrality by 2050. Other auto giants namely Suzuki and Honda are also expected to embark on similar missions like Yamaha and Kawasaki.

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The advantage of hydrogen-powered vehicles is that they produce absolutely no emissions. Another benefit is that hydrogen fuel, like diesel and petrol, can be refilled at pumps in a short time.

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However, hydrogen fuel still has a long road to cover before becoming a mainstream option.

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