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5 Ways to Determine Whether Your Silk Saree Is Real or Fake


No matter how much you experiment with different saree fabrics, a silk saree will never go out of style. It is a classic and timeless fabric known for its opulence and enchanting appeal. Silk saree is the feminine wear you will feel proud to flaunt on casual or formal occasions. Typically, silk is a rich fibre and the threads are obtained from mulberry and insects. Later, the thread is weaved through handlooms to process into marvellous sarees.

But determining the authenticity of raw silk sarees online can be tricky. Even if you have been sporting sarees for a long, you may not tell the difference between a fake and a real silk saree easily.

Here is an essential guide to help you determine the authenticity of a silk saree. Often, people mistakenly call satin or polyester sarees silk even though they are not. Read these tips and tell the difference between a real and a fake saree.

Ways to tell between a fake and a genuine silk saree

1. Lustre or shimmer

Different kinds of fabrics have their shine and lustre. For a genuine silk fabric, it is the shimmer that shows due to the structure of the fabric, allowing your saree to refract the light at different angles. Therefore, when you hold a silk saree against the light at varied angles, you are sure to find it producing a variety of colours, making each saree and fabric rich and enchanting. The synthetic fibres, on the other hand, when held against the light will only produce a white sheen.

2. Looks and feels different from satin

Have you ever been forced into buying silk by a store salesman but it is satin? A satin fabric will look shiny whereas a genuine silk saree is soft and never shiny. As far as the feel of the fabrics is concerned, satin and silk feel entirely different. Only a handful of saree enthusiasts are aware that satin is more slippery than silk. Typically, the structure of the satin fabric is harder than genuine silk. When you buy silk sarees online, check them against these parameters and stay surer about the quality of the fabric.

3. Buy from a trustworthy brand online

There is no dearth of unscrupulous companies passing off cheap quality synthetic materials as authentic silk. The best way to safeguard your purchase is by buying from a genuine and well-known brand. That way, you will know the full details about the quality of the fabric and the material on their website much like Dora By Phoenix.

Among the online stores selling boutique sarees in Kolkata, they stock sarees handpicked directly from artisans across India. If you also prefer buying silk sarees online, have a thorough look at their customer reviews. Moreover, you must ask questions regarding the fabric if you want. Find out whether the store from where you buy silk sarees stands behind the products they sell. Finally, you need to always judge the products in terms of quality and value.

silk sarees online

4. Do price points define authenticity?

To be honest it does. Suppose you are looking for Murshidabad silk sarees online for the first time, the best way to begin is to determine the cost of an authentic silk saree. But that does not mean that you need to overpay. Silk comes in different qualities and prices. So, another way to get value for money is by comparing products and prices of different brands. If you are buying from an online store, find out how transparent they are about the quality of the fabrics.  Silk is inevitably and undeniably more expensive than other fabrics. So, a saree priced too low may contain a blend of cheap fabrics and is naturally not silk.

5. Check the saree description on the website

With online shopping trends dominating across the world, people tend to buy sarees online more than they do from physical stores. Want to be sure whether the saree is fake or authentic? Read the saree description on the website and compare it with others selling the same attire. A specific variety of silk sarees may have thicker and more durable threads than others, so scout the options and take your pick when buying raw silk sarees online.

So, when you are shopping for collections of silk sarees online, remember that they are expected to last a lifetime. When maintained properly, they look grand and new for a long. Just remember to pick genuine silk sarees to feel enchanted by their timeless appeal.