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6 Myths about Baldness and Its Causes Debunked

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Are you one to rely on the old wife’s tales about thinning hair, loss of hair, and baldness?  Do you know that most of the facts surrounding hair loss and baldness are purely myths? Most of these tales have become a part of the local culture so much so that people tend to believe every bit of them. But if you are seriously experiencing hair loss, try to weigh them medically. Instead of being blindfolded by cultural tales, you need to think practically and do everything you should to repeal the myths.

So, here are the myths related to baldness and its causes and what you should know about them to take the right action.

6 myths about baldness debunked

If you are trying to remove the misconceptions related to hair loss, here is what you need to know.

1.    Physical trauma and mental stress

It is a common belief that a damaged state of mind or physical trauma causes hair loss. You may have heard people narrating their tales to justify baldness. For instance, people speak about financial stress, worry about their children, or divorce and relate them to baldness.

Most people prefer believing that hair thinning begins when an individual receives a physical blow or suffers from mental stress. It’s true to a certain extent that stress triggers hair loss but it is not the root cause. Are these thoughts valid? Well, they are not. For most of them who prefer thinking this way, hair loss leading to baldness may have started long back but they failed to address them initially. If your hair thinning problem is growing steadily and no amount of therapy is working, try spells for hair growth to get your hair growing faster.

2.    Excessive sun exposure leads to baldness

There are many reasons to avoid staying in direct sunlight and the primary is to steer clear of the UV rays. But for sure, baldness is not one of them. If you stay under the sun for a long, your follicles will continue to work but what may deteriorate is the hair shaft, which tends to weaken over time.

3.    Unclean scalp leads to baldness

It is believed that excess oil, sebum, air pollutants, and dead cells accumulating around the hair shaft retards growth. You need to ask why baldness starts showing on the middle of the scalp hair continues to grow on the other areas of the head, especially the sides and the back.

Moreover, cleanliness is a personal perspective. If grime and dirt on the scalp would have led to baldness, people with a lack of a sense of personal hygiene would have turned bald collectively. If the entire scalp is unclean, baldness should also be set uniformly. Practicing scalp hygiene makes your hair looks attractive but there is no proven fact that establishes a dirty scalp as one of the reasons for baldness. If you believe in miracle, try hair growth spells when all else fails to cure baldness.

4.    Baldness happens in adults only

Baldness is predominantly observed among adults after a specific age but pre-adults cannot escape from baldness too. So, thinning hair resulting in baldness is not just age-prone. You will often come across kids with bald patches on the head, which often occur due to external friction. Want to get past the myths and flaunt long hair with pride? The secret to this is a spell for long hair you need to get from a spell caster.

5.    Styling hair results in balding

Hair styling may cause baldness but not in all people or all cases. If you are someone pulling your hair with extreme pressure too often or expose your hair to high heat for curling or bleaching with harsh chemicals, you may experience hair loss and regular practice may cause baldness, although not severe. In case, you are prone to styling your hair often due to your profession, safeguard your hair with magical hair growth spells. Jessica Black is an authentic spell caster to help you re-grow hair on a bald scalp.

6.    Nutrition deficiency may make you bald

Prolonged deficiency of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids may lead to hair loss but not make you bald. Yes, you may turn bald but that is only when you suffer from extreme nutritional deficiency or acutely starving for a long. Getting powerful white magic spells to revive hair growth quickly is the best step you need to consider to avoid such a situation.

Hair loss and baldness affect a majority of people at different stages of their lives. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the exact cause of thinning hair and baldness to find out the solutions that work. To safeguard yourself from baldness, try hair growth spells and keep your hair healthy and remove the causes that accelerate balding.