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Best Muslim Dating Sites

Best Muslim Dating Sites: How to Find a Muslim Date Online


Millions of single Muslim people are struggling to find a partner. They suffer because of all the boundaries of their religion and stay alone because of unmet expectations. However, being lonely is not an option in the era of the internet. You do not have to abandon your personal life since there are many Muslim dating sites where you can meet people who share your values.

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Feel free to meet single mail-order bride or men from Muslim countries who would like to find somebody to love. They are striving to build a healthy relationship with a reliable person. If you fit this description, then wait no longer and register at one of these matchmaking websites for Muslims! In this article, you will find everything you need to know about online Muslim dating.

What Is So Special about Dating a Muslim?

Everyone deserves a soulmate! Those who cannot find a decent single Muslim partner should start using dating sites. It does not matter who exactly you are looking for since all kinds of people use these websites. You can easily find attractive Muslims who would share your beliefs and traditions. At the same time, many people do not know really know much about Muslim singles but would like to change that. If you are one of them, we have got you covered! Below, you can read the most important facts about Muslim online dating that will help you find the perfect partner over the internet. Let us begin!

Muslim Traditions and Culture

There are nearly two billion Muslims all over the globe from various countries. They have different cultures, mentalities,and  languages, but there is one thing that unites them: faith. All Muslims follow or practice Islam. They call their god Allah and their holy book is called the Quran. Here are the most popular traditions of Islamic people:

  • Muslim women usually wear hijabs, headscarf, or turbans. Even though the religion does not make them do it, many girls from Muslim countries follow this tradition.
  • Eating and drinking with the right hand. Remember about this tradition when you ask your Muslim partner on the first date! If she or he strictly uses the right hand to consume food, it probably means they are very traditional and conservative.
  • Muslim men grow long beards. This is not a unique tradition for Islam since many people of other religions also have beards. If a man wears a beard, it means he is noble and dignified. Those men who shaved their beards were considered weak or even humiliated. Fortunately, this tradition is not as popular today as it was years from now, especially among Muslims who live in the USA.
  • Muslims pray five times a day. Do not forget about that and respect this custom, especially if your Muslim partner is very religious.
  • Muslims are extremely friendly. People of Islamic religion from a very close-knit community. Probably every Muslim single you will ever meet will tell you the same. They like to spend time with their friends and are always ready to help other Muslims in need.
  • Muslims are diverse. Despite the popular myths about Muslims, this religion unites all kinds of people from different parts of the globe. There are Muslims of different ethnicities and races, which makes people of this religion very diverse.
  • Muslim people respect traditional family values. Family connections are among the most important things for all Muslim singles. Wherever Muslims are born or raised, their family is what they all value most.

Do note that the above-mentioned traditions are not unique for every Muslim on our planet. Each Islamic country has its own customs. For example, in Africa, many people put a hand on another person’s head while greeting. At the same time, Muslim men kiss each other on the cheek in the Middle Eastern countries. Considering that, you should not be shocked if your Muslim partner has habits that seem silly at first. Respect the culture of their country unless you want to spoil the relationship with your Muslim date.

Truths and Myths about Muslim Dating

Just as any other popular religion, Islam has a lot of different modifications and conventions. That is why you should not think that you know everything about Muslim people. You should not make assumptions and blindly believe in stereotypes you have heard about Islamic singles. Be patient and respect the mentality of your Muslim partner.

Here is the list of the most popular stereotypes about Muslim people that are actually wrong:

  • Muslim people are not progressive. This is not true at all since there are many Muslims among artists, musicians, writers, and other creative people. Many Muslim people are interested in the equality of rights, feminism, and gender equality, which proves that this stereotype is wrong.
  • In Islamic countries, nobody respects Muslim women and they do not share a voice in both family and society. This is yet another wrong stereotype. In most Muslim families, women are caretakers who look after the children while their husbands are at work. Nevertheless, this is upon mutual agreement. There are Muslim girls who have careers and play the role of the earner in the family. In other words, you should not believe this myth.
  • Islam is a violent religion and Muslims hate people of other faith. It is not true! Within every religion, there is a small spectrum of extremists. You should not just the entire group of people by the most violent of them. Most of the  Muslim people reject violence and do not have negative feelings about people who follow a different religion.
  • All Muslim women are expected to be humble and obedient. Even though Islamic girls are usually perfect wives, it does not mean this is the only thing expected from them. Among the younger generation, more and more women decide to pursue a career instead of marrying. Modern Muslim women are educated and self-sufficient.

Just like any other culture, Muslim culture has some specific characteristics that affect family life and dating. One of the truthful stereotypes about Islamic men is that they are very jealous and possessive. It is true, but Muslim girls actually want their men to be jealous. They think that this is how a man should behave if he is truly in love. Therefore, you should actively express your feelings if you want to show your Islamic girlfriend you care about her.

Whatever stereotypes there are, there is one fact all people confirm to be right: Muslims are extremely generous. They always demonstrate hospitality when welcoming guests. You will understand what we are talking about after your Muslim partner will introduce you to their parents. They will offer you a wide choice of drinks and foods for any taste and do everything they can to befriend you. Your partner’s relatives will become your second family as soon as you meet them!

To conclude, remember that all boundaries created by people are only stereotypes that can be easily dispelled with a kind word or a broad smile. Muslims are actually very nice and kind people that deserve to be treated well. Just start communicating with them and you will not be disappointed!

Best Muslim Dating Sites

Now that you have learned the important facts about Muslim culture, it is about time to talk about the best Islamic matchmaking services. Below, we have reviewed the most popular dating sites filled with attractive Muslim singles from all over the world. These websites can help you find the partner of your dreams!

MuslimMarriageSolution: a Free Muslim Dating Site for Serious Relationships

Best Muslim Dating Sites

This website is among the best matchmaking services for people interested in serious relationships. As you might have guessed, it is not a good place to find a partner for a one-night stand. MuslimMarriageSolution is aimed at grownups who want to get married to a Islamic person. Feel free to register and try the platform right now.

The website exists to help Muslim folks discover and form connections with potential partners. It has an extremely convenient design with an advanced search feature. The website highlights the most active users and automatically deletes inactive profiles. You will get genuine matches every day as soon as you create your own account. You will not need to purchase anything to chat or use video calls. Considering the fact that this website is absolutely free, it is the best option if you are looking for a Muslim wife or a husband.

Helahel.com: a Free Dating Website for Religious Muslims

Best Muslim Dating Sites

This is a totally free Muslim dating website designed according to the Islamic principles. The main goal of the service is to help lonely Islamic people find a partner online. You can use all the features of the website without any restrictions. There are no upgrades for free members at all!

Browsing other people’s profiles is simple here. The website offers a bunch of search filters, including age, location, occupation, and more. Helahel allows every registered user to contact others without paying a single dollar. You do not even need to share any banking information during the registration. Safe and welcoming, the services have helped many Muslim singles to find happiness.

Even though Helahel is free, it has a serious drawback: not so many people use it. The user base of the service includes less than 40 thousand people, and the number of male users is three times more than the number of registered females. Nevertheless, it is still a decent matchmaking service for any religious Muslim.

IslamicMarriage.com: a Muslim Dating Website for Marriage

Best Muslim Dating Sites

This is yet another Muslim dating website that helps lonely people find potential spouses. You can create a new account for free and start browsing a rather large database of matches. The matchmaking service will keep all your personal information well secured with the unique “5 Star Safety Program.” You do not have to worry about compromising your identity: there are nearly no scammers on the website.

Every user of IslamicMarriage.com can browse other profiles and upload up to 20 personal photos. Receiving messages and chat invitations is free. If you want to find a Muslim partner for a serious relationship, try this website right now. It offers everything you need to find the perfect Muslim soulmate.

ArabLounge.com: a Premium Dating Site for Single Arab Muslims

Best Muslim Dating Sites

As you might have guessed by the name of the website, ArabLounge.com is made to unite single Arab Muslims from all over the world. Most of the users are people from the United States so it is a great option for American people looking for single Muslim people from the US.

In contrast to the previous websites on our list, this one offers paid memberships. Unfortunately, you will not be able to properly use it without paying money. Sending and even reading messages is impossible for free users.

However, ArabLounge is worth paying. It is a high-quality dating website with a large user base. It has more than a million members, which is a huge number for such a niche dating platform. There are hundreds of success stories written by past ArabLounge members who managed to find love thanks to the website. Therefore, the service can actually help lonely people find a spouse. If you want to find a partner of Arab descent, this is hands down the best option on the market.


Best Muslim Dating Sites

Best Muslim is a tiny but rather popular online Islamic marriage agency. Even though it does not offer any unique features, it has a serious advantage: the website is completely free. Just because of this, it deserves a try.

Despite the fact that the platform is free to use, the administration manually verifies every profile before allowing new users to begin using their website. This is amazing because it means that users can meet Muslim singles without worrying about scammers.

You can browse other people’s profiles right after registration. If you want to find someone specific, feel free to use the search engine. Thanks to it, you can find the perfect match according to your taste. Overall, BestMuslim.com is a great option for those who want to start dating a Muslim girl or man.

How do Muslim Dating Sites and Apps work?

Online Islamic dating platforms are becoming more and more popular every year. It is the easiest way to start dating a Muslim woman or a man from any country. Myriads of Islamic singles are looking for significant others using this platform. Dating platforms aimed strictly at Muslims allow you to easily find new matches of the same religion. Nevertheless, there is no need to use niche services only since you can also meet attractive Muslim singles on general sites, such as Match. co.

Usually, Muslim dating sites have complex verification systems in order to minimize the number of fraudulent accounts. Websites have tight security measures to provide a safe and secure service for every member. Thanks to it, you will get only good matches every day. The majority of dating platforms allow every user to upload at least five photos and all the personal information they would like to share.

The one and only negative thing about dating websites are that the best of them require you to purchase a paid subscription. You will not be able to send messages and view daily matches until you become a premium member. It means that you have to consider paying money if you want to get the most out of what the website offers. The advantages you are getting with a paid subscription significantly increase your chances of finding the right partner, so it is worth the cost.

Mobile apps, are extremely convenient for people who are always on the go and do not have enough time to visit dating platforms. Dating apps for smartphones do not take up much space on your device and offer the same features and functionality that Muslim dating websites have. With a mobile app, you can check your inbox, notifications, daily matches, and many more.

Final Words on Online Muslim Dating

Muslim Dating platforms are definitely not meant for everyone. They are made strictly for those people who want to find a partner of the same faith and culture. Generally, these dating sites are used by Islamic grownups who want to start a family and have children. If you are interested in finding attractive singles, just register at one of the dating sites on our list. Using them, you should be able to meet the most suitable potential partners in your area. And who knows, maybe you will even meet your soulmate at a Muslim dating site.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using matchmaking platforms right now if you want to finally find your perfect Muslim partner!

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