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Castle Durrow Wedding: A Tale of Love and Elegance

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Castle Durrow Wedding: A Tale of Love and Elegance

In the lush heart of Ireland’s Laois countryside, Castle Durrow stands as a beacon of romance and elegance. I had the pleasure of capturing a summer wedding here, and it was like stepping into a storybook.

Castle Durrow: A Dreamy Backdrop

Picture this: 50 acres of green, rolling fields and a castle that mixes old-world charm with modern luxury. Castle Durrow isn’t just a venue; it’s a dream setting for any wedding. With its beautiful gardens and stunning ballroom, it’s got everything you could wish for.

Dervla and Gavin’s Big Day

Dervla and Gavin chose this magical place for their wedding. Their day started at the Church of the Most Holy Rosary in Abbeyleix. The church’s beautiful art and lighting set the perfect scene for their vows. It was a morning filled with beauty and emotion.

Celebration at the Castle

After the ceremony, we moved to Castle Durrow. The castle’s gardens were a photographer’s dream. We took so many beautiful photos there. The lawns and gardens were just perfect for a romantic walk and some great shots.

A Reception to Remember

The reception was in the castle’s grand rooms. The décor was stunning, and the service was warm and friendly – just what you’d expect in Ireland. The day had some extra fun with a caricature artist and a quartet playing lively music.

Comfort and Style

The rooms at Castle Durrow made sure everyone was comfortable and felt special. The castle combines great service with a fantastic atmosphere, making it a top choice for a memorable wedding.

An Unforgettable Experience

Being part of Dervla and Gavin’s wedding at Castle Durrow was incredible. The mix of the venue’s grandeur and the beautiful grounds made for an amazing day. The attentive service made the bride, groom, and their guests feel extra special.

The Perfect Wedding Day

A wedding at Castle Durrow means a lovely drinks reception, a beautiful ceremony, a delicious meal, and lots of dancing. The whole place has a dreamy, joyful feel that makes the day unforgettable.

Delicious Dining

The food at Castle Durrow is something else. They use fresh vegetables and offer a great selection of wines and meals. It’s the perfect spot in a beautiful Irish village, where old castle charm meets modern comfort.

Happy Couples and Great Food

Lots of couples have loved their weddings at Castle Durrow. The venue offers a range of menu options, even for special diets, making sure everyone enjoys the meal.

Room for Everyone

Guests can choose from different types of rooms at the castle. Whether it’s a classic room or a fancy suite, everyone gets a special place to stay.


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A Wedding for Everyone

Castle Durrow is great for all kinds of weddings. It doesn’t matter what size or style; they can make it happen. It’s not far from Dublin, making it easy for everyone to get there.

More Than Just a Venue

Castle Durrow is more than just a place to get married. It’s a historic manor house surrounded by beautiful green space. It’s perfect for any couple’s big day.

Making Dreams Come True

Castle Durrow has everything you need for your dream wedding. From beautiful rooms for the party to lovely places to stay, it’s got it all.