Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri Trek: an excellent weekend escapade

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Skandagiri trek is marketed because the closing haven for night hikers. The trek entices you with the fun of night hiking in addition to the splendor of dawn in the early morning. It’s miles from a popular trekking vacation spot near Bangalore. It is an excellent one-day weekend getaway that takes you to the top of Skandagiri.


Kalavara Durga

Skandagiri is also known as Kalavara Durga or Castle Hill. Tipu Sultan constructed this castle for the duration of his warfare in opposition to the British. But, the fortress become demolished after Tipu Sultan become defeated in 1791. Historically, the mountain become known as Kalwar betta.

Skandagiri hill is positioned 70 kilometers north of Bangalore. The Skandagiri trekking trail has an eight-kilometer uphill and downward slope (up and down). The hiking trail is fairly tough, but the paths are nicely-marked. The route includes some steep ascents, rocky patches, and narrow trails. The trail calls for cautious maneuvering because of the unfastened terrain in a few locations.

The trek is an outstanding weekend getaway in the historical Skandagiri hills. At the beginning of the trek, one must reap permission from the wooded area branch. The doorway rate consistent with man or woman is Rs. 450. Parking costs vary from Rs. 50 to Rs. One hundred.


Skandagiri Hills location – Bangalore, Karnataka District – Chikballapur

4,757 feet in elevation

8 kilometers ( both methods)

Trek length is sooner or later and lasts seven hours.

Bangalore’s Papagni Mutt serves as the start line (base camp)

Stop destination: Papagni Mutt, Bangalore

Difficulty degree- slight to tough

Water Availability- carry lots of water with you.

Smartphone connectivity is available most effectively as much as the base camp. After Papagni Mutt, there’s no connectivity.

ATM get entry to ATMs is to be had in Chikballapur city, which is 5 to six kilometers from the trek’s place to begin. it’s miles first-rate to convey enough coins with you before starting the trek.


How to attain THERE?

With the aid of avenues -Bangalore is properly connected by means of avenues, rail, and air to all major towns in India. You need to first journey to Bangalore and then to Papagni Mutt, the trek’s base camp. The distance between Papagni Mutt and Bangalore is about sixty-two kilometers. By avenue, Bangalore is nicely linked to the Mutt. From Bangalore, you could take buses, cabs, or maybe power down.


Via Rail- Bangalore is a huge city this is well-connected with the aid of rail to all of India’s major towns. You may take the educate to Bangalore after which drive to the Skandagiri base camp (Papagni Mutt).


Via Air- Bangalore airport is properly connected to all parts of India and the relaxation of the world. Lease a cab once you arrive in Bangalore and take it.


Few highlights of Trek to Skandagiri

Night trekking adventure-

Skandagiri is one of the vicinity’s few legal night treks. Skandagiri must be at the pinnacle of your listing if you are a journey enthusiast with a thirst for adventure. You will love on foot thru the rugged terrain beneath a canopy of twinkling stars. The silver cascade of shimmering mild reflecting at the nightscape will captivate you. You can also take part inside the bonfire beneath the celebrities. It is an unforgettable revel in!

Historical significance- The trek follows the course of a mountain fortress that has historical significance. The fortress turned vital in the war against the British. Even though the citadel is now dilapidated, it nevertheless draws travelers.

Skandagiri Hills- The ancient hills of Skandagiri are beautiful. Those mind-blowing natural creations have grown extra enticing and alluring to hikers over time. On a clear day, the marvelous Nandi hills look shrouded in white cottony clouds. It creates an absolutely stunning scene.




Skandagiri dawn Viewpoint-

That is the trek’s maximum vital enchantment. In fact, many hiking organizations start the trek around 3 a.M.-4 a.M. To witness the maximum beautiful dawn in the location. As an end result, it’s also called the sunrise trek to Skandagiri. Sunrise can best be visible from the summit and not from beneath. The sun emerges from the misty clouds, reflecting its adorable air of secrecy on


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